May Day May Day!!

Ok really, nothing’s wrong. Just wanted to say that since it’s the start of a new month! Lots of events this month – some baby showers, mother’s day, graduations, parties! So excited!!! My calendar is busting at the seams! I also need to blog some recipes I’ve done but for now, it’s that time of the month – Desktop Calendar!!

I love getting something new and fresh on my desktop each month. I also helps to keep it clear from clutter (I just cleaned it up and back down to 1 folder on my desktop!). There were 2 that I liked, but the first one was a bit too busy for my monitor.  Here’s what the runner up was:

I think it was all the little light circles in the background.  So I chose this one, reminds me a bit of scrapbooking:

Love the long road. I bet there’s a fork at the end. Left or right? Reminds me of a poem from English class in hs – the road less traveled. That one doesn’t look like many people have driven on it!

Which one did you pick? Leave a comment!

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