Maternity Leave – Day One

Today is my first day of maternity leave.  I started counting down to it forever ago and can’t believe it’s actually here! I have quite the to-do list for myself but today I had some non-baby things to work on.  Like, dishes, regular laundry, crystalling my niece’s birthday topper, and uploading my weekly belly pics. Ok, I guess that last one is baby related.


She’s been moving so much in the past few weeks because she’s running out of room. I freaked out Jon’s best friend yesterday at a birthday party – I told him to watch my stomach as she did back flips, forward flips, and side to side wiggles. LOL.  He just kept saying OMG OMG OMG OMG.  Don’t worry Cody, your wife will be there soon enough! {they’re expecting their first at the end of February and currently taking bets on if they’ll have a leap year baby or not}.


Last night when I gave Jon the camera to do the weekly belly shot session, he snapped an EXTREME closeup of my stomach. Why, I’m not sure. But he seemed pleased with himself.  So, here it is, an extreme closeup at 36 weeks.

{feel free to click the pic to see it in all its glory}


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