Mangos – yum

So this week our little baby girl is a mango! I love mango salsa, mango margaritas, and mangos by themselves!  I just want to thank everyone that wasn’t too upset with us about holding on to our secret ;o) And thank you for all the sweet wishes! We’re so excited for this little girl!

So, need to recap the Anatomy Scan. This happens between 18-22 weeks to check on how things are developing with the baby, and also check out the heart, blood flow, brain, etc.  It was absolutely incredible to see.  Jon couldn’t make the trip so I went with my mom and I recorded a lot of the scan.  We got to see Baby Girl’s brain, her bones (I spotted her ulna & radius!), heart pumping away, and even her moving – and punching me.  The heart was so cool to see – as most of the time the sound was not on.

The tech did the whole scan, and the doc came in, she gave him a run-through of the findings and then he took the wand tool to do his own measurements.  He wasn’t having a great time checking the heart from all angles, so I’ll be going again in 4 weeks (I’ll be just over 22 weeks) and hopefully Jon can make it too 🙂  The doc was very impressed and said everything was looking beautiful and right on target.

Here’s why he couldn’t see every angle so well:

See how she’s all curled up? Boniest butt I’ve seen! Jon said she’s gonna inherit that from me. LOL

At the time of the scan, she weighed 9oz and was right on target for the due date of Oct 8th.  Although that can always happen sooner or later. LOL.  And since I now know what it feels like when she kicks/punches, I’m feeling it a lot more regularly. It’s really weird, I won’t lie.  And somehow between Wednesday night and Friday morning, I swear I’ve grown an extra 2″ around.  This is getting so real!

One more week till we’re HALF WAY!!!

More pics:

And a video of me being punched from my inside out (see in that above pic? do you see her dukes up????)


  1. Em says

    She is absolutely perfect and darn it, if that isn’t the cutest boniest butt I’ve ever seen! 🙂
    Congratulations on little girl Dell and omg I’m so excited that you get to go in AGAIN to see that beautiful heart pumping, woohoo!

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