Making Meal Planning Easier – eMeals Review

This is a sponsored post for eMeals. They provided me with a membership in exchange for my eMeals review. Enjoy!


As part of a new challenge for ourselves in 2014, I came up with the brilliant idea to meal plan.  I was hoping that this would bring opportunity to lessen the dread & annoyance of figuring out what to make for dinner that I faced each afternoon.  I also hoped I could tie in our meals to what was on sale at the grocery store.  When I found out that eMeals was looking for bloggers to try out their meal plan, I jumped at it.  It fit perfectly with what my goals were, and after using it for the month of January, I am pleased to report it helped lessen the fear of taking on this challenge AND we got some great dishes to boot!

Each week I receive an email with a pdf detailing the 7 meals for the week and shopping list of what to buy.  The pdf also details the ingredients & side dishes encouraged to make.  But, I also receive it in their app! That photo above is a screenshot of the main dashboard when I log in to the app.  From there I can pull up a history of weeks to go through and pull a different meal option.  This is by far my favorite part of eMeals.  Why? Because I’m still watching my dairy intake and some dishes are too heavy in that area and I need other options.  Plus, Jon doesn’t eat fish and we don’t eat a lot of pork at home.  Being able to access the archives has led me to find some great meals to add to my repertoire.

Making Meal Planning Easier - eMeals Review

Chicken White Bean Chili

Making Meal Planning Easier - eMeals review

Chicken Pot Pie

Making Meal Planning Easier - eMeals Review

Chicken Curry

Making Meal Planning Easier - eMeals Review

Taco Casserole

Making meal Planning Easier - eMeals review

Lemon Chicken

There is a large variety of meal menus you can sign up for.  I chose the Classic menu and notice a mixture of casseroles, slow cooked meals, roasts, etc.  Some are more kid-friendly than others. But every one I’ve cooked, have been really good.  AND super easy!  That’s one of the most shocking take-aways.  I was shocked with how easy & delicious the chicken curry was.  Aubrey ate every dish except for the taco casserole – and that’s my fault.  I bought SUPER SPICY salsa and it was almost too much for me.

A tip! When you find a recipe, be sure to save it! Print it, write it, screen-grab it.  After some time, the recipes are archived and you won’t be able to access it.  I ran into this problem with the Chicken Curry. I wrote it down on our meal planning calendar but forgot to write down the recipe.  And then when it came time to cook it, I realized it was gone! I emailed eMeals and their customer service was AWESOME! They sent it to me but I thought I’d share this tip for you.

The meals averaged about $10-20 dollars and fed 2 adults, 1 hungry toddler for dinner and provided 2 lunches.  You can link your grocery store to the recipes but I found that it didn’t always match up correctly.  Their Customer Service rep explained it can be due to where I am located since ads vary based on location across the US.  I am really happy with what I’ve experienced so far.  I can’t wait to see what other recipes come up, and try out more once dairy is re-introduced.  I know I can switch the menu but haven’t gotten around to that. If you’re wondering what they offer…

Making Meal Planning Easier - emeals review

and Vegetarian (couldn’t get them all to fit – so many choices!)

You can also add in Breakfast, Lunch, or Dessert menus!  Sign up for their 3/6/12 month plan! Cost is as low as $5 a month (which, is really worth it in my opinion).  Let me know what you think and tag me on Instagram!

Thank you eMeals for providing my membership so I can tackle one of my 2014 goals!  This post contains affiliate links


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