Making First Bites – Baby Food

I haven’t blogged much about it, but I have definitely been posting photos on Instagram {username @melissa_dell} with snapshots of my food making frenzy for Aubrey.  I started with her purees and would do batches at a time.  I received the Beaba at my baby shower and that thing has gotten a work out. It’s a permanent fixture on our countertop. I use it every so often to make the foods, but use it daily (sometimes twice a day) for defrosting the purees.  But lately we have been needing to incorporate “first bites” of small food for Aubrey to get used to picking up & chewing.  {there’s a milestone for it-  called the Pincer Grasp.}


Not wanting to retire my Beaba I started thinking of ways to create small bites.  I figured out, for squashes, I could cut it easily in small bite size pieces before cooking it and then freezing.  But when it came time to harder foods – like carrots – I didn’t want to risk cutting my hand.  So I mixed up the order, and photographed it for you!

first bites - carrot (1)

 The lovely Beaba – added small carrots and steamed on water level 3

first bites - carrot (2)

 Once they’re cooked, and a bit cooler, take some out and a knife…

first bites - carrot (3)

 Cut them in half with said knife…

first bites - carrot (4)

 Cut them in quarters {oh look, the knife!}

first bites - carrot (5)

 Then line them up, and cut in small pieces

first bites - carrot (6)

 Mmmm, carrots!

first bites - carrot (7)

 THIS will be your new BFF if you ever need to A) flash freeze items B) wrap meats up to freeze {and avoid burn} C) Create art projects.

first bites - carrot (8)


Lay out the foods on the freezer paper {plastic side up} and stick in the freezer for 45 minutes. This will give a good flash freeze, and then you can dump in a quart ziploc bag and the pieces won’t be stuck together in 1 blob.


When it comes time to eat, I take out a small amount and just let it defrost on the counter. Since the pieces are so small, it’s pretty quick. You can also stick it in the microwave on “defrost” for about 15 seconds.  Since you pre-cooked it all, the carrots are still soft enough for them to grab and eat.

As we move on to other foods, check back to see how I utilize the Beaba!

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