Makin’ More S’mores with Cap’n Crunch

This post is sponsored in connection with an upcoming campaign with Quaker and back to school lunches.  All opinions are mine. Enjoy!


There’s definitely something that is so appealing with s’mores. If you check out my Pinterest boards – you’ll see quite a few variations of how to make them and enjoy them.  While working on an upcoming post with easy ideas for back to school lunches – I came up with a new one that is quick, easy, and most importantly – DELICIOUS!

Cap'n Crunch S'mores Mix

This might actually be the easiest recipe ever.  But grab a bowl and the regular Cap’n Crunch cereal (Pretty sure crunch berries in this would maybe be good, but let’s stick to the original, k?)  Pour some in, top with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips!  If you wanted to get all fancy, add in some peanut butter chips…or butterscotch…or white chocolate.



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