Luke – Growing Up So Fast

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Ok so literally a year ago we were shuffling the kids around and preparing for Ryan’s arrival.  Luke moved out of the crib and into the same Toddler bed Aubrey used.  Then, for Luke’s 3rd birthday, we upgraded his sheet set to one from Paw Patrol and he was a happy camper.

So, when we ventured up to Santa Barbara for my mom’s birthday celebration, it was his first time sleeping in a twin bed.  I was not prepared and totally thought he’d fall off the bed.  It was taller than his bed, and even taller than what Aubrey was used to.  But, he did amazing and slept quite well in it.

We came home, and quickly realized he’s a bit too big for his toddler bed.  I don’t think I realized it before because he’s my baby!!!


But with each photo I take of him – I see less of Luke as a baby and more of Luke as a little man.  I mean, I’m grateful I have Ryan to hold on to the baby moments  for even longer….But Luke was my sweet baby boy and actually might always be.  It’s weird – I know.

So my mom and I started stalking our local Facebook resale groups (which are so awesome! search your area for some!) for an inexpensive twin bed.  I know that down the line, we’ll be investing in a bunk bed set for the boys and Aubrey will continue to use her twin bed (that I so lovingly sanded, painted, and sealed).   I just couldn’t imagine spending over $300 when everything was said and done for a bed and mattress.

My mom is a Facebook resale group ninja and a few days later told me about someone giving away (FREEE!!!!!) a twin bed.  I went and picked it up in our minivan and it’s currently in the garage.  I’ll be purchasing the same mattress we got Aubrey last year (which is now about $15 cheaper) and mattress cover (since hers is a foam mattress and just gets destroyed if it is wet at all).

The wood is a mission style pine bed and in pretty good condition.  The seller said she bought it as part of a bunk bed set from someone but decided they only really needed one of the beds.  It had been sitting in her garage and she just needed to get rid of it.

Gah. I can’t believe my kids will be in twin beds before the end of the month!!!

When did you transition your kids into their big kid beds?  Like, big-big kid beds?

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