I didn’t leave you hanging for a whole month! Although by now I think I probably have 1 reader left. LOL.  Sorry.

I do have a blog post coming up as soon as I finish editing the pics.  Yes, I edit every photo that I take with my DSLR. Soemtimes it means trashing the crappy ones. (PS Mini Bridge in Photoshop is AWESOME! Deletes the original RAW file so it doesn’t take up a ton of space on my hard drive!).  This past weekend I went with my cousin & Jon to the Aquarium in Long Beach and it was AWESOME! Oh there’s a video I did. Let me see if I can get that up here.

The exhibits were great. I learned a lot. Did you know that sharks grow in these weird looking shell things? The aquarium cuts open the shell/egg thing, puts a piece of hard plastic over it for protection, so you can see into it. It’s awesome!  We also pet sharks (did you know they’re skin is covered with teeth! seriously!).  It was great. I bought the tickets online so it was just $21 a person. And you could use that ticket towards their season pass WHICH is tax-deductible! A great way to spend the day with the fam. I highly recommend it! So stay tuned for more photos!

(oh and ps. I don’t know why the video looks like crap.  The iPhone 4 is supposed to be recording in high def or something?)


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