Long Lasting Lip Color – Covergirl vs Lipsense

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

I have been a makeup girl since high school.  But my makeup mainly covered my lids and cheeks.  I never bothered with gloss because it didn’t stay put long.  My hair would get stuck to it, or my lips would get super dry and I’d need chapstick anyways.

When I turned 33 and went through this whole makeup change, I bought a LOT of things for my lips.  I had really good intentions of wearing them.  But, I loved kissing my babies even more.  I hated leaving marks on them.

Last fall, a friend introduced me to a long lasting lipstick.  I wasn’t sure about it, but I went to learn more and left with a color and a gloss.  After sharing with more friends, someone said I should try a drug store brand that was supposed to be just as good. So, since I love a good challenge, I did and put them to the test.

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

Drug store contestant: Covergirl outlast 24 hour lipstick (and balm)

cost: 6.99

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

Direct Sales contestant: Lipsense 18 hour lipstick (and gloss)

cost: $45 (25 for color, 20 for gloss. yes, you need both)

Covergirl Outlast All-Day Lipcolor

Covergirl is a one-swipe application and provides a clear balm to put on top to keep lips hydrated and help keep color put.  I loved the light coral/gold color and noticed the consistency was thicker than the LipSense color.

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

After applying, I did the kiss test to see if anything transferred.  Here’s the results:

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

Sorry for the awful yellow glow of my bathroom lights.  You can see that it looks like I have a pinkish rash – but it’s really the transfer of color.  I wasn’t too thrilled that it was showing signs of transfer since I really enjoyed the pricetag.

Next up for the test was my morning cup of joe.  I love this white mug I received in a PopSugar box months ago.  But, as you can see, had some transfer going on.

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

It wasn’t a tremendous loss of color, but it still was a loss.

At noon, I noticed most of the color was completely gone and the texture of it was very gritty.

LipSense Long Lasting Lip Color

So, what exactly is LipSense and how does it differ from the Covergirl Outlast lip color?

You apply 3 coats of the color and seal with their clear gloss.  The color doesn’t transfer or budge.  When I apply it in the morning (about 6:30), I start to notice about 2 or 2:30 that the color is starting to wear off around my water line (ps did you know you have that for your lips? Ya, I didn’t know that had a name!).  In figuring out the cost comparison per ounce, the Covergirl and LipSense are pretty comparable.  (each lipsense color & gloss is .25 oz – one total oz combined is $90,  Covergirl color is .07 oz and balm is .06 oz – one total oz combined would be $107 – based on the purchase price I paid at Target).

Which would you rather spend?

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

So why am I telling you this? Because everyone wants to keep kissing their spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, kids, dog, blah blah blah.  Everyone wants to save money when they can.  And, because I know a good thing when I find it and after becoming extremely addicted to the color choices of LipSense and wanting to save a buck, I signed up to sell this miracle lipstick. (Come join my page and follow along. click here and hit like!)

Here’s a video I did to show how easy it is to apply:


If you had a lipstick that went NO WHERE – what bold color would you dive in to?

long lasting lip color  covergirl vs lipsense

(and, if you’re wanting to find out how to save more money on LipSense – ask about the membership and how it can help you save or even grow a business!)


  1. KJ says

    at least 15 years ago, I used the Outlast and it did NOT come off or transfer as you said it did. You do have to frequently reapply the gloss, just as I’m sure you do the Lipsense. I stopped using Outlast because it was drying my lips out. I am pretty confident Lipsense will also with daily use. I’d rather spend less money and use the Outlast, personally. It’s funny how people think this long lasting lipstick is something new! Nope, been around a long time. And was a lot cheaper!

    • says

      I appreciate your comment and experience! Cost is relative, I am a numbers geek so ran the price per oz and they’re pretty much the same – just the up front is vastly different.

      I have been a long time chapstick addict (both chapstick, EOS, I didn’t like the medicinal taste of carmex but I know my sis swears by it). It’s the same thing with lotion – if I skip putting it on, or later in the day – my skin is SCREAMING for the moisture.

      I was a huge skeptic when my consultant friend told me I’d never need chapstick (or any other types) after using Lipsense on the regular. 7 months later, with daily use of the color & glosses, if I don’t apply a color in the am, I don’t notice the need for any moisturizing product until way later in the day.

      If you’re ever open to try Lipsense – we offer a refund if you’re not happy within 30 days. Let me know 🙂


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