Left my Heart in San Francisco

I wonder how many blog posts have used that title before. I’m not original, no way.  So, you might recall on our anniversary, I chatted about getting to celebrate that weekend with Jon.  Well, I left out the part of me flying up to San Francisco for the occasion. He was going to be working his conference until Saturday night, so I flew up Friday and we left together on Sunday.  If you follow me on Twitter, you know it was all sorts of Drama trying to get there. Basically the notorious San Fran fog was clogging up the airport and it was delaying things.  My flight was at 1:17, but found out that the 11am flight was still waiting to board.  When my flight arrived, they loaded up the 11am folks, and told us we would leave now at 3:30.  I headed to the bar with another woman, and came back at 3, only to find out our flight actually left at 2:40. Lovely. And since Burbank Airport is so rinky dink, they don’t have announcements going on anywhere except the actual terminals.

Made it up there really late and luckily Jon surprised me at the airport (with flowers!) to help escort me back to our hotel. It was my first time riding the BART. Which, I learned, is NOT a mode of transportation on water. Why I thought this – no idea. It’s a subway that goes underground, on ground, and above ground (like, high, not just on the streets).

The whole way, I kept saying how hungry I was, and what was there to eat near us. We were staying in Union Square at the Handlery Hotel, (affiliate link) and made good use of our Yelp! app.  Jon said it was my pick for cuisine, and although I really wanted sushi, I picked Thai. Why? Because Jon doesn’t eat any sort of fish – cooked or raw.

Melissa Dell San Francisco 1

Aww yellow gerber daisies! Fitting for the 4th anniversary – it’s traditional Fruit & Flowers. (he gave me flowers, I gave him fruit scratchers – they were cherries! we did not win)

We grabbed a table at the very small Chabaa Thai Cuisine, and chose Tom Kha Gai soup (chicken coconut), Pad Thai, and Yellow Curry. I used chopsticks, and he used a fork. But we both loved each bite. Oh and we also each got our own beer 🙂

After we went back to our hotel where we watched tv and looked at pics and videos of Aubrey. I guess that’s what happens when you’re away from your baby. Jon had been gone since Wednesday so he was really missing her.  The next morning I was up bright and early to grab a rental car  from Alamo (awesome service!!!) to drive in to Sacramento.  I had set up a Bubbalooch (modern cloth diaper parties) party with Bre.  I got there in no tiime, so made a quick detour to visit Mia where we hung out for an hour before I left. She also came to the party with her daughter, Gemma, for support!

I really need to blog about that business. I keep forgetting. Look for it in November!

Once the party was over, I gabbed with Bre some more and then got on the road.  While driving, I thought it would be brilliant to have a bottle of wine from our wedding year to have with dinner.  Bevmo was just off the freeway and so I searched and finally found L’attitude 39.  The Pinot Noir was amazing with dinner. Jon isn’t usually a fan of reds, but this one was light enough, and sweet enough, to have him appreciate it with all the cuts of meat we had with dinner.

Dinner reservations were made through the Yelp app for Espetus Churrascaria.  It was amazing.  If you’re there, and looking for a great spot, make a reservation.  The restaurant is comprised of 3 spaces so each dining room feels intimate.  The servers are so helpful and I loved their shrimp on a skewer.  Each time the server would give me an extra. Last round I got three!

Melissa Dell San Francisco 2

Melissa Dell San Francisco 3

Melissa Dell San Francisco 4

I think I had a piece of the shrimp still in my mouth for that photo. LOL.  We also got their dulce leche ice cream. Wow. It was so good. I wish I had more wine to enjoy with it, but I didn’t want to overdo it.

The next day was our day to spend together, before we had to venture back to SFO for our flight.  Instead of trekking all over to find a breakfast spot, we made it easy and ate at the attached Daily Grill.  I normally order carbs when dining out – french toast, pancakes, sometimes even eggs benedict.  But ever since our Girl’s trip to Big Bear,  I realized I like bagels with lox! I ordered it and texted a pic to Jen and said “chanelling my inner Jew” and we both laughed, and both agreed it could lose the capers. I scraped them off.

Melissa Dell San Francisco 5

After breakfast, we hailed a cab to venture to the Wharf.  We also discussed how our last trip to San Fran, more than 6 years earlier, was so different. We were both broke, took buses everywhere, and couldn’t have dreamed of splurging on cabs and expensive steakhouses.  My how we’ve grown up!

Melissa Dell San Francisco 6

Apparently it was the 22nd birthday for the seals on the docks!

Melissa Dell San Francisco 9

Love the panoramic feature on the new iPhones!

We were going to visit the Aquarium, but decided to walk around a bit. Before we knew it, we had walked to another pier where they had an old submarine to  visit.  Our last trip, we went on 2 boats. Jon is a huge history fan, and I appreciate seeing stuff like this – where real people have been years before us.

Melissa Dell San Francisco 7

Melissa Dell San Francisco 8

This tiny submarine housed 75 men for 80 days. And in listening to the audio tour, we learned that along the way, when they were almost at the conclusion of their trip, they had picked up another 70 POWs. Wow! There was tiny bunks and tiny kitchens. One kitchen was for the g uys, and another was just for the officers. Top right is the laundry room, the bottom left pic is the crew kitchen, bottom right is the officer’s room.  I believe the captain.  Some guys even slept over torpedoes! We finished the walk by going to Ghirardelli Square for some hot drinks before cabbing it back home. We took the super steep hills and wow, it’s amazing how those houses are built on them!

It was an amazing trip, even if it was quick.  There was much less drama getting home, just a small 40 minute delay.  We loved showing up to pick up Aubrey from my mom’s, take her home, and snuggle the heck out of her.


  1. Em says

    I’ve stayed at the Handlery before! Excellent location!! And so glad I got to see you on your quick trip up north! Happy anniversary!!

  2. Liz says

    You can even make “the” BART sound So. Cal. I had a little giggle on you this morning as I read that! Missed seeing you on your visit up here but SUPER excited to see you Wednesday!!!!

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