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One of my favorite things while I was pregnant was that my hair stopped shedding.  I’ve always had that problem my entire life – gifted with thick hair, but MAN the shedding.  My hair stopped shedding a few weeks into each pregnancy and kicked back in a few months after I had Aubrey and then Luke.  It meant that the bathroom would again be covered in hair, and well, the obvious place – the shower.


My hair is a lot shorter than before, but it still sheds a lot.  I also wash my hair every other day, and I’m not sure if that helps or hurts the situation.  In some regards, it’s better since it’s not a daily loss or clean up.  But I’m sure the same amount falls out, just every other day. LOL.

I got an email from a company called DrainWig and my first thought was uh, excuse me?  I checked out the site and saw how simple, yet brilliant it was.  It seems to me, that all the great simple products are created by women to solve a problem only we really have.  The simple little devices have been featured on some great spots, and glad to try them out for our family.


My mom lives with us now, and I inherited my thick locks from her, and, the side effect of these thick locks.  In our last condo we owned, I had the unfortunate job of cleaning out the drain every few weeks and it’s NOT PLEASANT.  It severely grossed me out even though, yes, I know, it’s my hair. But c’mon ladies, who’s with me on this?


It’s easy to install and you can remove every few months without ever touching the hair.  If you’re a shedder like me, this is a great way to save some big bucks calling a plumber for clogged pipes.  The cute anchor is for bathtubs and has a suction cup to secure it to the side of the tub.  The flower one is for traditional stand up showers.

DrainWig Shower & Tub

{please disregard the tub looking dirty. that’s a vintage 1968 shower stall for ya!}

{also, I found out by the creator – Jennifer – and with my trial & error, that the ball chain in the tub should be completely within the drain.  I adjusted it but that night at bath time Luke pulled out the entire thing}



I have 2 sets of DrainWig to giveaway to you too! Contest ends Friday, February 13th at 12:00am and winner will be drawn and have 48 hours to reply with your US address!  If no answer, I’ll redraw a winner. Good luck!

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    Hi, this is Jennifer. I am the inventor of the DrainWig. You can see how the DrainWig works at http://www.drainwig.com. Thanks for your review!! One suggestion. The length of the chain is about 18″ and is designed to enter the P-Trap in the bathtub drain pipe. Make sure when installing the DrainWig in the bathtub that all of the “yellow” whiskers are buried in your drain. The is will require that the decorative anchor is lowered a little but it is imperative that all of the chain is all the way in the drain. Good Luck and Happy Hair Free Drains!!!

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      Thanks Jennifer! Yes I had made the adjustment later, but then my son pulled it out that night. A fancy new toy! (he’s 18 months) But I still have mine in the shower and I’m oddly excited to see how much it captures in a few months! \\ I updated the post too since the photo has it incorrectly. Thanks!

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