Learning about Farm Fresh with a2 Milk®

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Where we live – it’s a short drive to almost anything.  Within an hour or so you can be at the beach, the mountains, farmland, even some wineries.  It’s kind of an amazing location but we really don’t take much advantage to take all the kids out.  I see my instagram feed filled with other families venturing out to different adventures but just the thought is kind of overwhelming.  There’s stuff to pack, I don’t want cranky kids, I worry about the bathroom situation, etc.  Just a lot of thoughts prevent me from going most places.  But this weekend my mom found a spot for us to take the kids to – a “farm.”  I use that term loosely BUT it did have a lot of animals, lots of fruit trees, and open space for the kids to run around.  I thought it would be cool for them to see some different animals they wouldn’t come across.

a2 milk - visiting a farm

In the rental van.  Not ideal for 3 kids in car seats. I figured out, though, the best way to get Ryan in is by folding down the small seat and going through the trunk. Comical.

When we arrived to the Green Oasis in Fillmore, my mom and I thought we were lost.  It wasn’t quite what we found via photos online, but we could hear a rooster.  My cousin, his wife, and their daughter joined us and we realized it really did have some hidden gems for the kids to see up front and personal.

a2 milk - visiting a farm

This turkey LOVED following us around. Literally – everywhere. He almost tried to come home with us.

a2 milk - visiting a farm

We saw lots of chickens and I showed them the special coop where the eggs were laid.  I know the kids are aware eggs come from chickens, milk comes from cows, but it’s sort of awwwww-mazing for them to see these animals up close.

a2 milk - visiting a farm

Luke fed one of the goats a wedge of orange – straight from one of the trees on the property.  I ate the wedge of orange and it was delicious!  Enjoying anything straight from the tree is cool (which is why I enjoy, so much, being a Farmer Dell! I can’t wait for our crops this year!) What did the kids love the most? Oh man. so crazy.

a2 milk - visiting a farm

Kittens.  There was this cage to help keep them contained during the day.  One of them actually climbed up and out and then he ran around for a bit, chasing the kids.  I explained how Butters (our cat) was once that little.  But, mainly, they went back and forth from loving the kitten to screaming if it got too close.  (seriously??)

a2 milk - visiting a farm

Oh look. The turkey following Ryan

a2 milk - visiting a farm

Did somebody say … WAFFLES? (name that movie!)

a2 milk - visiting a farm

Luke wanted to climb up on this so.bad.

Visiting the farm can help teach our kids exactly what Farm Fresh means.  Here we could purchase eggs directly from the source (literally) and take it home to enjoy.  This sort of freshness is the same you can find through a2 Milk®.  It doesn’t contain the a1 protein that can cause so much tummy discomfort in about 25% of Americans. (read my first post about a2 Milk company® and my ambassadorship here)

Ever the skeptic, a2 Milk company® is providing you with the chance to try it for free.  Visit a2 Milk®’s site here to see if you’re one of the first 1000 to take advantage.  And while you’re there, enter for a chance to win a trip to Australia!!  You might think why Australia?  The cows that the a2 protein come from originate from Australia.  But now we  have the cows located right here in the states!  Dairy farmers stretching from New York to the midwest are helping to expand the specially selected a2 herd of cows.

Learning About Farm Fresh

The amount of protein found in a2 Milk® offers approximately 6 times the amount of calcium of soy beverages, 8 times the amount of protein of almond beverages, and 6 times the potassium levels of rice beverages.  And again all of this  Not sure if you can find a2 Milk® near you? Check their store locator and follow them on Facebook & Twitter!


  1. Aileen says

    Our family tried A2 milk for the first time a few months back when it happened to be the Friday freebie at Ralphs. It tastes DELICIOUS and it’s pretty much the only milk we buy now in our household.

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