Kid Friendly Thank You Gift {craft}

The end of another school year has come, and it means gifts for teachers.  Aubrey attends a small preschool and without a doubt, all the teachers have had an influence on her time there.  I wanted to give thanks to the 2 teachers of her class, and we made 2 additional for the women in the office who also take good care of her.  She had a bad bout of eye allergies and all have given her eye drops (what a feat in itself!).  My mom had found something on Pinterest (of course) that involved layered soil and topped with a succulent.  The great thing about living in California during a drought – there are lots of succulents as they’re very drought friendly.  And bonus – they are pretty hard to kill.  While I can keep my veggie garden alive, I’m awful with actual plants.  Succulents are welcomed here any time!

I figured this gift would be something very easy for Aubrey to handle.  One Saturday she headed off with her Grammie to Michael’s to pick up sand, shiny rocks, black paper, and apple stickers.  They weren’t able to find apple stickers but they succeeded with everything else.  I set her up outside with bowls, spoons, and small mason jars.  I believe these are pint size.

kid friendly thank you gifts craft kid friendly thank you gifts craft kid friendly thank you gifts craft

Each bowl had its own spoon.  But, I quickly realized that was probably one spoon too many.  She had fun taking turns pouring the shiny rocks (aka treasures) and sand.  When they were more than half way filled, we stopped and she started pulling out the treasures that somehow made it into the sand.

kid friendly thank you gifts craft

kid friendly thank you gifts craft

We then took the jars to fill with dirt we had from past projects.  Mommy did this job as I was afraid she’d drop the jars and we’d have to start over.  I filled them almost to the top and then her Grammie took over.

kid friendly thank you gifts craft

kid friendly thank you gifts craft

Grammie was in charge of planting the succulents.  We cut them to the appropriate height, cleared off the bottom leaves, and planted them in.  We then added some water and had them enjoy some of our golden sunshine until I was able to get the last bit of the project done.

kid friendly thank you gifts craft

I used a heart punch out (couldn’t find my tag shaped one) and taped 2 together.  Used my chalkboard pen to write the thank you on the front. On the back it said “You helped me grow in Christ” and tied it up with a cute bow to play off the pink in the succulents.

Aubrey was very proud of her plants and happily dropped them off on the desks.  It’s amazing the pride they feel from completing a project (almost) 100% on their own!


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