My Kia, My Life Stage

I was compensated in exchange for this post, but all anecdotes and opinions are my own.  Keep reading because sometimes I like to be funny 

Have you ever bought a car that you just loved? Loved so much that you tell everyone about it? Maybe it’s just me? But it’s true – Jon and I bought our (my) Kia Sorento in 2010 and I have been raving about it to anyone I come across.  I’ve also had complete strangers ask me how I like it.  I tell them, I love it!  When we bought it in 2010, we were a family of two with our cat, Butters McNoodle.  We’ve loaded it up with our friends, used the 3rd row seating during a winery trip for a bachelorette party, and took it on a few road trips.

My Kia My Life Stage - MelissaDell

(Reno Road Trip, Summer 2010)

When we found out we were pregnant in January of 2011, we knew it would be the perfect family car.  Of course this was one of the primary reasons we purchased it in the first place.  One of the defining moments of our family growing from 2 to 3 was when we installed her car seat a few weeks before she was born.  And then the first car trip after the hospital – surreal.

My Kia My Life Stage - MelissaDell

(First car ride – October 2011)

We drove so slow the whole 15 miles home – but I think that’s what all first time parents do (did you?? Please validate me!).  Our Kia went from our vehicle to a few new things, including changing table.  Yup, it’s true. I changed a handful of diapers in the back of the SUV and even once in the backseat!

We drove our Kia to pick out the Christmas tree for Aubrey’s first Christmas.

My Kia My Life Stage - MelissaDell

 (Christmas 2011)

Our Kia took us a lot of places and one of our biggest accomplishments was a 3 day camping trip.  We’ve never seen that SUV so full! You need a lot when you have a tiny tot – stroller, pack n play, toys – along with all the traditional camping gear! But everything fit and we created such an amazing memory.

My Kia My Life Stage - MelissaDell

(Carpinteria State Beach Camping Trip Summer 2012)

And now, as a family of four, we’re ready for a whole new set of firsts! Including this moment with our first outing as a family of four – Luke’s first doctor’s appointment!

My Kia My Life Stage - MelissaDell

(June 2013)

My Kia has a lot of years to go and can’t wait to capture more moments and to go on more trips together!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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      Hmm. I thought I replied to this. Yes I was so glad to have a friend that suggested them before we were looking. It wasn’t on my radar but once the redesign model came out – I was sold!

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    Ever since my parents bought their Kia,I’ve been checking them out. Then my sister bought a Forte & loves it. OK, so I’m not sold yet; but when it’s finally time for a new car, Kia is definitely on my list to check out–I do love those Kia Soul commercials!
    By the way–your fam pics are so cute!

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    Love my KIA Soul! Surprised when I moved to LA how many there were on the road (in NYC there were very few).

    On this past vacation in NY and FL we played “Coubt the KIA Souls”. We got to 68 and we’re continubt until we get to 100. Whoever spots #100 wins a prize!

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