Kia 2.0

9 months ago {almost exactly}, you might remember me posting about this new change in our life….Well, on Friday, in traffic, I managed to total my first car, have my first ride in an ambulance, and my first visit to the ER {which sucks. I do not recommend. waited there for 5+ hours!}.  I rear-ended another car in traffic and suffered some “soft tissue” damage in my neck and upper back. Oh, I should add I’m also seeing my first chiropractor. Never done that before. It’s amazing. I highly recommend. It’s awesome how much better I feel after my first adjustment.

After hearing the news my car wasn’t just damaged, but totaled, I was shocked.  Then came the mad-scramble to find another car – the same one – same everything – in a short time period.  I found one {finally} in San Diego. So on Saturday morning, early, Jon and I are heading down in the rental to go buy another Kia – 2.0!  I love this car so much that I couldn’t think of any other I wanted. Jon asked what I’d do if I couldn’t find one for the price {there’s a lot in the color but with added navigation – extra $2500} and I said I WILL find another one! And I did.  I just hope when we get down there, we’re not screwed around with.  I already dealt with that shit in February. I know what I want, what I am going to pay, and just show me where to sign.


  1. says

    Oh no!!! I’m so sorry to hear about your car! But a good chiropractor visit can go a long way.

    Good luck on Saturday! Remember to get your name as the primary (or at least equal) contact person 🙂

  2. mrs.csunsweetie says

    Yes! I hope so. But I’m being added on to Jon’s Lockheed account and he’ll already be the primary. So who knows.

  3. says

    I didn’t realize that you were in an ambulence and everything!! Woman…that’s so scary! Hope you have a safe drive to SD and get exactly what you’re looking for…

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