Keep ’em Glowing – DIY Kid Project

Not sure if you participated or saw the photos on Instagram last week for #OneDayHH started by Hollywood Housewife, but I was on there and I liked, periodically, to flip through the hashtag for cool photos and what not.  I stumbled across an image from Momma On Fire and found out she was working on Glow in the Dark pasta necklaces. UM BRILLIANT!  Since we were going on a camping trip, I grabbed some items from Walmart to work on this – the  day before we leave.  So if you’re a last-minute person like me, NO WORRIES!

In the craft section, I grabbed these Glow in the Dark paints.  Please note these are NOT non-toxic.  They get “charged” with the sun and give off a soft glow at night.  I also grabbed some Penne pasta, but when we later strung them together, I realized I should have picked a pasta with a larger opening like Mostaciolli for the kids to do on their own.

I separated the pasta into 3 quart sized bags and poured paint over each.  Then SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!


I let them dry in the sun for about 45 minutes.  Some parts were still a bit wet to the touch but I wanted to give them a 2nd coat of paint to really be vibrant colors.


Poster board probably wasn’t the IDEAL thing to use for them to dry.  Bits of paper stuck to some.  But oh well! Still fun.  When we got to our campsite I opened up the ziploc, grabbed the green yarn I bought, and started threading the pasta.  I asked the kids what color they would want next, and usually had about 5-7 on there.


camping makes kids dirty. as you can tell, she really was enjoying nature

It would have been a better idea for the larger pastas so they could have worked on this project themselves. I struggled a bit getting the yarn threaded through. Live and learn.  The necklaces did give off a bit of a glow – nothing too strong – but just enough to spot them a bit.  We also accidentally left them out overnight and found a hole in it the next day. The raccoons weren’t a fan as they left them right there.

Keep 'em Glowing


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