Just Another Friday Night

We do most of our shopping at Sam’s Club – which seems crazy since some items are large bulk size.  But when I was home with Aubrey the first few weeks, we just got into habit of buying more and more from there.  And each trip Jon took, he’d come home with a new item (usually food related) to try out.  One thing he brought home was a 3 pack of DiGiorno pizzas.  We got into a habit of Friday Night Pizza & Beer.  But then summer rolled around.  And with triple digit heat, the last thing we would want to do is turn on that oven to bake a pizza.

We stopped making them, but still had a few left in our freezer. I told Jon last Friday that we were having Pizza & Beer night. I did not explain how I was cooking it.  He came home that night, and said “I do not want to turn on that oven.”  Have no fear! I came up with an idea!

Obviously barbecuing a pizza is NOT original, but we had never done it before. Honestly pretty scared we (meaning me) would char it, and we’d be stuck with PB&J & Beer (doesn’t that sound tasty?) I searched online and pieced together instructions on how to cook the pizza. Most tips were for charcoal grills (which we do not have) and others were for gas.  So, if you have a gas grill, and it’s small (2 burners) read on!  (if you don’t, then go find a solution on Google!)

  • Defrost the pizza a bit. Since it’s most likely 100 degrees outside, just sit it next to the bbq while it heats up. Keep the temp to a medium/low setting.
  • If you can, use one of those veggie baskets (upside down) to give more space between the grill/flame and the pizza. I had one that lifted it about 2″ higher.  If you don’t have that, turn your heat lower.
  • Once the grill is heated up, put the pizza in and set your timer for 8 minutes. 
  • After 8 minutes, check the pizza (both the top & the bottom). Turn 45 or 90 degrees if you can. Set your timer another 8 minutes
  • When you walk out this time, you’ll start to smell the pizza. That’s always a great sign! Check the top (cheese should be bubbly & brown) and the bottom (might have some char marks, but shouldn’t be burnt).  If either isn’t done, let it sit longer but keep checking on it. It’ll go from good to burned pretty quickly!
  • Remove from the grill and carry it inside your cool house.  Crack a few brewskis and enjoy!

And, I did not take any photos. Oops. I guess Jon needs to buy more pizzas so I can do this again, and document it properly.  I thought about doing it, but was afraid I’d burn it and then have to show you burned pizza.  Not appetizing.  But, after our pizza, we did dig out a gift my sister & her boyfriend brought back from their Mexican cruise. So here, enjoy those photos….


{check out all the funny things in this photo – baby bottle that had baby aspirin for Aubrey for her teething, our cat staring at us, Jon toasting me, while I eagerly take the shot and realize bad idea. And our beers (mine’s on the side table)}


Do you have any casual traditions at your house? Oh, and what else can you barbecue? Anyone make a cake on there before??


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