Julep Maven

The latest trend seems to be monthly subscriptions to anything – there’s clothing, makeup, shoes, even diapers for baby.  But there’s a reason why I’ve never signed up for one – what if I don’t want the items??? There’s a new answer to this {and, coincidentally, feeds my nail polish addiction}.  Let me tell you about Julep Maven.  It’s a monthly subscription – a little pricier than most, BUT the main difference is each month they email you with what will be in the box.  If you want it, you just sit and wait for it. Don’t want it? You can skip the month, skip the payment, and wait for the next one.  And the first box, which includes the items in the photos below, can be yours for just a penny!



They aren’t messing around! You can also get 20% off all the items on their site with your membership, and there are a ton of colors! So don’t be shy, sign up today for a penny and try out Julep Maven!


{I did not receive anything from Julep Maven for blogging about this company.  I just am addicted to nail polish and like getting things in the mail}


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