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Previously, I told you about the Julep Monthly box and when I blogged about it, I had just received it and as I mentioned in my post, love getting stuff in the mail 🙂  Julep found my post, read my post, and loved my post 🙂  They contacted me to see if I’d like to try any other styles {all of their colors each month fit into 5 categories: American Beauty, Boho Glam, Bombshell, Classic with a Twist, and It Girl.}  to review & also give away. Um, OF COURSE!

I asked for the Classic with a Twist and loved the color options.

And this is where I’m a blogger fail. You might recall I’m a momma, and this past month have been working on getting everything ready to go for Aubrey’s birthday (which was this past weekend).  I had a mini pedi party for myself one night, because I actually had a few minutes to spare, and completely forgot to take photos. I didn’t even instagram it.  Yikes.  But I happened to take a few writing classes in college and I feel I can adequately describe the products 😉

After having only 1 or 2 pedicures all summer, my feet were gross. Actually, maybe it’s a good thing I DIDN’T take photos.  But it seems like any time I get a pedicure, my heels & balls of my feet feel fantastic that day, and then go back to being gnarly the next day.  You’ll be happy to hear after my mini pedi party, my feet feel amazing. And it’s been a few weeks!

I applied some lotion and used a really great emory board type foot scrubber things and just went to town on cleaning up my heels & balls of feet.  And at night, I used the Julep Pedi foot creme and it took care of the last bits that my feet needed to feel smooth. SMOOTH PEOPLE! I was no longer jealous of Aubrey’s amazing feet. I mean, she’s still not walking and so her toosies haven’t touched the ground much so they’re soft.  Mine are almost almost that good.

And then for the wedding I went to a few weekends ago, I brought the Rose polish with me (it’s a really great watermelon color) to do in the hotel room before we left.  I had 2 hours to do my nails, hair & makeup. And then about quickly realized I needed my hands to actually do the hair & makeup. Yikes. That meant nails were last. But, no fear. Julep’s polish is amazing. One coat and you’re good to go. Sure, I could have applied a 2nd one for a richer color – but one coat covers the nail and isn’t streaky.  It wasn’t just this color either. The last kit I received, same thing with the lavender. One coat and I was good to go. Except I used 2. Then 3 layers of glitter. Oops. Don’t do that. It took forever to come off.






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I received the product listed in this post for free from Julep to review.  All opinions are mine, and mine alone.


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