Joining the Cool Kids

So, for awhile I’ve put off creating a fan page for this blog.  Why? Well, I already have my regular facebook page, a fan page for Bling Diva Designs, and one for Bubbalooch as well.  It seemed like my facebook sidebar was filling up pretty quickly with everything. But, after attending BlogHer, I really needed to figure out what I wanted to do with this site.  Building up my ‘brand’ has been important with my businesses, but not for the site.  I’ve begun to reach out to companies to do reviews on products and do giveaways.  I am not ‘selling out’ but I like to think I’m being smart.  Who couldn’t learn a thing or two from Martha Stewart? Hearing her speak at BlogHer was incredible and you quickly realize all she does is always in true representation of her self.  And my blog is no different.  Everything I write about, review, post, share, etc, is all me, all the time.  I tweet and chat with other moms around the country & world.  I feel so grateful and privileged to expand outside of my tiny bubble that is Santa Clarita and the internet makes that possible.


So, I’ve joined the Cool Kids and made a fan page for this site.  One reason is because i don’t want to have to friend everyone that wants to keep in touch with me.  The fan page can allow any one of my readers, local or international, to chat with me (in longer than 140 characters) and I can also easily share stories & blogs from other writers online.  And, I won’t have to keep clogging my friends’ feeds with posts about my ramblings & giveaways. If they want to keep up, they can also like the page.  If not, no worries!!!  So please click the pic and go like my fan page.  I’ll be doing a giveaway (self-hosted) after I get 100 likes.  I’m about a quarter of the way there. Wahoo!  Thank you!


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