JetPens Pilot Frixion Pens {Review & Giveaway)

Last year, I had ordered a new MomAgenda Personal Portfolio (also blogged about here) and I wanted to find some good pens for it.  There was a customer who must have been a mind reader that posted on their Facebook page and there were a ton of responses.  There was a lot of commentary that popped up and I kept checking back to see what others recommended.  One name stuck out – Le Pen. Very French!  I was doing a google search on where to purchase it, and found a site – JetPens.  Anyone that knows me also knows I have a slight addiction to office products.  I was overwhelmed with all the different pretty things on their site.  But, didn’t want to purchase anything yet.  I kept checking the MomAgenda fan page and another suggestion popped up – Pilot Frixion Pens.  I hadn’t heard of this brand either, and I was quite excited to find out JetPens carried both of the brands.  And they had free shipping over $25 – so I jumped further into the site.

I wanted to figure out what was so great about each of the pens.  Le Pen was said to write great as it was more of a felt-tip pen.  But the Pilot Frixion was great because it was erasable.  Whaaat?? I hadn’t used an erasable pen since 3rd grade.  It was the bridge between using pencils and real pens. But they were messy and smudged.  Would I really want to buy something like that for my brand new MomAgenda?  I searched some more on their site (and blog) and found this video.  Truly amazing.  Can’t watch it? Here’s the basic info.  The entire Frixion Line (highlighters, gel ink pens, and markers) have a magically quality to disappear when rubbed quickly due to the heat caused by the friction.  And it technically can reappear again when it reaches 14* F or below.

I first purchased their “pencil-like” gel pens and love the broad range of 24 available colors. I bought a modest 3 colors.  They worked like a dream.  I no longer had anxiety when it came to making plans and having to write it down in my agenda.  You’re only given a tiny box and I do not like using white out or crossing through items!  This was a perfect solution.  The ink came out vivid and smooth, and any mistakes erased quickly and cleanly.  When some of my ink started running out, I went back online and bought some more.  Because I wanted to get free shipping, I bought a few for my sister.  This time I switched to the traditional pen ink with retractable tip.  This variety comes in 10 colors and 2 sizes for the writing thickness.

What do I use mine for? With all the colors I have, I love color-coordinating items in my MomAgenda.  Aubrey’s schedule has one color, I use 2 different ones for mine, and I also have other pens around the house that I use for note taking (an orange one for my orange blog notebook, and I used to have a pink one for my pink bible study book. But that has died so now I use blue).  I love the options and I know you will too! And thanks to the lovely folks at JetPens, I have one giveaway with two prizes!!


MomAgenda (1)


JetPens (2)


JetPens (3)


JetPens (4)


I am using Rafflecopter for this giveaway.  Terms & Conditions are included in the widget.  Good luck everyone!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{I was provided with the items in this giveaway, but the review of the pens are my own, that I purchased myself. I loved the product and wanted to share with you as well}


  1. says

    I have never seen these pens and now I’m dying to try them! I would use them to write in my non-existent planner (haha – I’ll be ordering soon)

  2. says

    I would use it for my MomAgenda which I plan to order soon. I need a way to keep blog stuff, GA stuff, and Pregnancy stuff all in the same calendar but color coded. These pens would help with that. ^_^

  3. Ricca says

    For everything…making grocery lists, filling out all those school forms, snail mail to my penal (yes, we still snail mail!)…Btw, you’ve just enabled my pen addiction!!! 🙂

  4. says

    Count me in! I love writing on actual paper – even if it’s just a to do list. I’ve been looking for a new, high quality pen.

    All work and no play makes mommy a dull chick

  5. Amal says

    I would use it to categorizse my grocery list. I’m obsessed with making sure I have coupons and getting items on sale. Also, my hubby could get use out of a pen that erases.

  6. Aly says

    I am a pen FREAK!!!! I would love these! I’d use them for my planner and keep one in my purse for any occasion. I also use my own pen when I sign either at a restaurant or store!

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