Jamaican me hungry

Our resort was so fantastic. It was all inclusive, and DH found a new drink – Steel Bottom (or bottle, not sure with the accent). It was a shot of spiced rum topped off with their Red Stripe beer. I was just fond of the cran-vodkas and the wine.

The food at the places was good for the most part. At one place, they overcooked the food a bit, so the next night we asked one step down…and it was soooooooo raw! This post is dedicated to the food. And drinking. We met some people our age the first night and we all had a great time at the “piano” bar and then ended the night at the pub. The Piano Bar was only called that cuz they had a piano in the bar. Not the same as Howl at the Moon. LOL.

The “medium rare” dish.
I loved those weird things that they stuck in the food. Although this dish was too spicy for me to eat. And it was fish so DH didn’t touch it.4th meal

Drinking friends

Jamaican shot

Super delish tuna steak

Breakfast served on our back porch. The bacon was PHENOMENAL

On our excursion, they were selling Jamaican Beef Patties. They were delish (besides DH’s facial reaction)

At the Asian dinner place, they had gigantic woks that they cooked your food to order.

Too delicious for words!


  1. Meghan says

    These pics are awesome!! I love the one of all the drinking friends. Looks like you had a great time!

    I’m so jealous! I wanna go to Jamacia!

  2. : : aileen : : says

    You make me want to go back!! I think DH and I will definitely visit Negril again!… and do it the Sandals way. 😉

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