Izea Sponsored Tweets Influencer of the Month

Let me tell you a story.  Mid-night feedings are so different with Luke than with Aubrey.  With Aubrey, we had cable and I caught up on my DVR while nursing her.  With Luke, we don’t have cable, and they share a room, so I’ve been bringing him back to our room and catching up on blogs, twitter & instagram while nursing him.  One of those nights I was blog-hopping and I came across one talking about how to monetize your blog.  I was intrigued and one of her suggestions was signing up for Sponsored Tweets.  The blogger wrote that she sends out sponsored tweets for a company, Izea, to promote brands online.   I thought Why Not and signed up.  Izea’s Sponsored Tweets offers suggestions on what to charge per tweet, and I went with their suggestion.  I slowly started receiving opportunities.  As I got more, I started increasing my amount, nervous I would stop receiving.  But I kept getting them.  I kept at it and really had a good time writing my own tweets, and earning some cash on the side.  I set a goal and met it 3 days before Christmas – and used it to buy Jon’s gift.

It’s a challenge, at times, to get your foot in the door with brands.  Sponsored Tweets makes it easier for you.  They send you an offer, give you a sample tweet, and you get to write the tweet in your own words and use typically 2 pieces of info – a hashtag and/or a twitter handle – along with the link and FTC disclosure hashtag.  You can sign up here and see how it works for you!

But the reason for my post is to share with you that I was selected as their Sponsored Tweets Influencer for January!  They sent me some questions to answer and you can read my responses by clicking on the image below!

Screen shot 2014-02-04 at 10.37.21 PM


Don’t forget to read more here, and sign up today with Sponsored Tweets! Thank you for keeping an eye on my content and selecting me Izea!


This post contains referral links to Sponsored Tweets. 

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