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I was invited by Islands Restaurant for a lunch spread featuring their new Summer Menu and received a gift card for me, and 2 for you to win. I was not required to write this post, but of course I love sharing yummy treats! All anecdotes & opinions are mine. You should keep reading. Cuz sometimes I like to be funny.


I remember when the Islands Restaurant opened up next to us in Valencia – it was a part of a new shopping center directly across from our mall. I can’t tell you how many times I have gone with my co-workers for lunch and how we always tend to order the same thing. When I heard about the opportunity to check out the Brea location {which had an awesome outdoor, covered patio} I went, even with a 2 week old baby. I guess that is what happens with Baby #2 – you have the been there, done that mentality and don’t mind bringing a squishy newborn on an hour long car ride for some tasty treats.

When we arrived, and met up with the other So Cal Lady Bloggers in attendance, my eyes went immediately to the cocktail setup. I loved the smaller portion size they had for all the drinks – allowed for a great sampling. I only finished one of them because it was my favorite!

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 1

The I-Shandy was my favorite drink. I order Arnold Palmer’s with meals (1/2 lemonade, 1/2 iced tea) and this was an adult spin on the traditional beverage. It was a mixture of Islands Golden Ale, lemonade, and mango. It was refreshing (due to the bit of carbonation from the beer), tangy (from the lemonade) and sweet (from the mango). When I go back, I will enjoy another of these. The Ginger-Berry Shandy will be a great choice if you love ginger ale.

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 2

Who doesn’t love a great sangria! I tried out the Moonlight one, as I was trying to keep all my beverage of the “light colored” variety. It was more sweet than the I-Shandy but also just as refreshing. And who doesn’t love some fruit in their glass?


Now on to the food. As I mentioned before, I typically order the same options. I either get a China Coast salad, or Big Wave burger (with cheese). I was excited to try some other items on the menu.

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 3

Poke. Yum. Since I recently stopped being pregnant, I take any opportunity to fulfill the 9 month craving I had for sushi. I’ve never had Poke before, but this dish was amazing. The tuna had just enough smokey flavor, and a bit of a kick. The avocado offered a creamy texture that paired nicely with the fried wonton pieces. I had about 3 servings of this.

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 4

Hot wings. Who doesn’t love a great set of wings? Apparently this girl. My mouth was on fire after one nibble and I ended up just eating the carrots with bleu cheese. My husband, on the other hand, would have been all over this appetizer. He loves anything spicy!

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 5

My first plate. They also had a warm spinach & artichoke dip that was delicious.

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 6

See how pretty the Moonlight Sangria was?

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 8

The main course came out, and bloggers, doing what we do best, swarmed to grab some photos!

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 9

The main dish was composed of a few favorites, and a new burger. The Wiqui Waqui salad is a great BBQ Chicken salad and one that my co-worker orders when we go. There was also a big bowl of their famous fries. I can’t get enough of those fries.

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 10

And then, the Heat Wave Burger. This thing was SO.HOT. It has fresh diced serrano chilis, diced grilled peppers, pepper jack cheese, and a spicy mayo. I had one tiny piece and I was reaching for my beer. I brought the burger home to Jon and he really enjoyed it. He said the flavor was good, and it was spicy, but he likes things like that.

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 11

Speaking of beer, I enjoyed this Saint Archer Blonde beer. I tweeted about it, and they replied back, and I was so preoccupied stuffing my face with Poke that I missed how the glass said their brewery is in San Diego. Road trip anyone?

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 12

What’s a meal without dessert? The waitress brought around some delicious frozen treats – an Irish Shake (kahlua, Jameson, and vanilla shake) and Coco Colado Shake (rum, pineapple, and vanilla shake).

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 13

I enjoyed the Irish Shake. I think it’d be a great dessert to split with your date!

islands restaurant - summer menu - melissadell 13

And, of course I needed to grab a quick pic with Chris with our Leis on, for AJ.

And now, enter to win one of 2 $25 gift cards to Islands so you can try out some of their summer dishes! Enter using Rafflecopter below. Winners will be drawn 0n August 1st at 12:01 EST and will have 24 hours to reply via email with mailing address. Thanks! {Please make sure there is an Islands Restaurant near you so you can use the gift card!}


And thank you, Islands Brea, for a great lunch. Your staff was incredible and were so attentive! And loved your outdoor space!!!
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  1. AliDesigns says

    I LOVE Islands! My co-worker & I go every Friday for a Mai Tai and lunch ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait to try the Sangria.

  2. says

    Wow this made me hungry. Islands is one of my favorites. When I’m not concerned about calories, I splurge on cheddar fries with ranch, a lava flow to drink, and the Big Wave burger. Now I will probably make Brent take me this weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

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