Is Chivalry Dead?

This morning, on the way back home after taking Aubrey to school, Go Country 105.1 was asking the question – Is chivalry dead?  Apparently someone called in to ask and I don’t know who first brought up the question (they tease a question about 30 minutes before they go to the phones).  Debra – married co-host with kids – said her husband still opens doors for her, and does other acts and she appreciates these gestures.  Graham – unmarried, dating but not with a girlfriend co-host – says he still acts this way and if a woman he’s dating doesn’t appreciate or like it, then he knows it’s not a match.

The few callers I heard seemed to be older – married, kids.  All said they either like receiving the gestures (women) or like performing them (men).  I started wondering about Jon and me and also about the younger generation.  When one caller (male) said he still opens doors for his wife, I thought back and realize that this isn’t a normal routine for us because of the kids.  If you have littles – you know what I mean.  It’s a hurry up and get all the kids in the seats, everyone take one to buckle in, and get in the car let’s go let’s go let’s go!  When it’s just the two of us on a date (which, it’s been awhile), he does open my door to get in.  I don’t wait around for him to get me out because it’s hot and I hate sitting in a stuffy car. LOL. Yes, I know it might be like 20 seconds but I’m impatient.

I’m not surrounded by many younger generations and so I have no idea – is chivalry dead with them?  Do guys send flowers to those they’re courting? Do girls appreciate these gestures? There was a caller who said his girlfriend told him if he sent her flowers to work – she’d refuse them upon delivery. REALLY? How rude! But, he tested her and sent her some, and she took them and loved them. HA!

So, do you notice if it’s dead with those younger than us?  Is it dead for you?  While Jon might not open the car door all the time, he does other romantic things like wash the dishes, help with bath time, let me pick a movie, etc.  It’s smaller things that have shifted over the years but I’m completely ok with it. 🙂

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    Hmm. I think it’s mostly dead. Part of that is probably my own marriage stuff, but I don’t see many guys being extra kind. However, I 1000% intend to raise Walter to be a gentleman.

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    I don’t think it’s dead, but I think it is also regional. Brent opens doors for me constantly and does other things of that nature, but part of me thinks it is his midwest upbringing. It’s really up to parents though – if kids see their dad behaving that way, and parents teach their sons to do the same, then it won’t be gone in future generations.

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