Introducing Ryan James Dell

I plan to do an actual official post. But I wanted to share that Farmer Dell Baby number three is a BOY!!!

I started contractions as soon as the kids were in bed Wednesday night and came on FAST. I’ve never started labor on my own so I had no idea what I’d be in for. It was painful and I wasn’t sure if I could actually get myself out the door to give birth. Basic timeline below. 

7:40 – contractions start. 

9:45 – arrive at the hospital. 

11:30 – get epidural. 

3:00 – at a 10, fully effaced, baby at 0 station (needs to be at +2)

4:00 – doctor says its time to get this baby born

4:15 – doctor arrives 

4:28 – Baby Boy Dell is born. 8 lbs 3oz, 21″ long. 

3pm – We decide his name – Ryan James Dell. 
He met his siblings that afternoon and it was such a sweet moment. Chaotic – but sweet  


I’m updating more on Facebook so come follow along! 


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    Welcome to the world, Mr. Ryan! Can’t wait to meet you ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats, Dell Family, I hope you guys are settling in and that you have as mellow a holiday season as possible.

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