In The Kitchen {tacos}

There’s a few staple recipes that you’ll always find in the Dell house. One of them, is tacos.  We use ground turkey and you can find it here a few times a month.  Sometimes we’ll go crazy and remember to buy some sour cream to use on them, or we might have some guacamole to add in.  But while at the store yesterday, I found something that I’ve always wanted to try. Chipotle Peppers (my cousin pointed out on Instagram that this one has an extra l. Anyone know why? Which way is correct?)

So I bought a can and figured I’d puree it, then add on top.  But I tasted it and WOW. That was some good, hot, flavorful spice! New game plan.  Instead of adding the tradtional taco seasoning packet, I figured I’d substitute the pureed peppers with some water.  No biggie right?

And then, I got scared. I was afraid it’d be too liquidy.  I added a 1/2 can of water to the mix and second guessed myself.  So, grabbed a can of black beans from the pantry.  Looked pretty good. And then magic happened thanks to Collette from Twitter. She mentioned that she makes a chipotle sauce using the peppers, with seeds scraped out, with mayo, sour cream, and adobo sauce.  Since these peppers were already in adobo sauce, and I didn’t have sour cream, I decided to add some mayo to it.  I normally would think ewww gross! but I figured it’d make it a tad creamy, give it some tang, and hopefully dull down the heat a bit.

In The Kitchen {tacos} 1

In The Kitchen {tacos} 2

I wish blogs had smell-o-vision.  It was amazing. Smelled so good. I didn’t add much (probably 2 tbsp in total) but it was just enough.  Jon gave it two thumbs up.  I think I’ll need to stock up on some peppers for next time.  Have you been brave and mixed up some recipes by adding one or two special new ingredients? Share a link!

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