In the Kitchen {quiche}

Last Christmas, it was our first one with a teeny baby. It was also the first Christmas morning we opened up gifts in our own home in the am. It was also the first Christmas I needed to make breakfast for the family that came over. I needed something good, something quick, and something with no fuss. Enter, Le Quiche.

I asked my friend Kristan for a recipe that we used at my baby shower. She sent it over, and then said “by the way, you can do whatever you want with them.” Hmmm. I didn’t trust myself so I went with what she sent me. I can’t remember exactly what I made, but I had 3, a veggie, one with ham, and one with sausage. Jon and I still, from time to time, talk about those quiches. Since it’s finally cool fall weather in So Cal {at least, for now} I grabbed some stuff to make them again. But, since it’s just the two of us, I wanted to have just one kind. So, I call these, the Kitchen Sink Quiche. But I couldn’t remember exactly what I put in them the first time (both for the egg mixture or the actual stuff) So I just went with my gut on the proper proportions.

In The Kitchen Quiche (1)

In The Kitchen Quiche (2)

In The Kitchen Quiche (3)

In The Kitchen Quiche (4)

In The Kitchen Quiche (5)

In The Kitchen Quiche (6)
See? So much in there. I even added some tomatoes. I’m such a rebel. Tips – Buy the extra deep pie crusts. You’ll get more in them, and they’ll be heartier. Leave at least a 1/4″ from the top as when it bakes, it’ll rise a bit.

Here’s what is in the Kitchen Sink Quiches:

6 eggs, 1/2 a pint of half & half (I needed more liquid when I filled them, and so I just topped off with some more half & half) and random spices. I used salt, pepper, garlic powder, bit of all-spice & nutmeg

Frozen pie crusts (either regular or the deep dish – check cooking info below for the difference in time)

Chopped (and sauteed) onions & mushrooms


Defrosted chopped spinach (make sure you squeeze out any liquid before adding to quiche)

Crumbled sausage (already cooked, found a bag to make it easy on myself)

Ham Steaks (these will also be already cooked, dice)

Sharp cheddar

Mexican cheese (really, any kind of cheese works)

Once they freeze overnight, you can put them in gallon ziplocs and stack them easily in the freezer. When you’re ready to cook them, pull them out of the oven, add tin foil strips around the crust, and put them straight in a preheated oven (I think it’s 400) for about 45 minutes. Start checking it around the 30 minute mark since ovens are different, and depending how much liquid you have, it might cook faster and no one wants a burned quiche. For the regular pie tins, it’s about 45 min. For deep dish it’s closer to 65 minutes. Just keep checking.

Leave it out to rest & firm up for about 20 min.



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