I’m So Excited {and I just can’t hide it}

You all know how I run a side business – Bling Diva Designs – covering wedding cake toppers and KitchenAid Mixers in awesome Swarovski Crystals.  The Bling Mixer has been such a surprisingly hot item and while they decorate 5 of the Georgetown Cupcake locations, they also accent several homes in the US and one in Australia!  I love working on them, even though they do take quite a bit of time. But it’s therapeutic for me!

In January, I got a phone call while driving to pick up my daughter.  I didn’t recognize the number, and contemplated letting Google Voice take the call. (love that for my business!).  But, something told me to answer it. And I did.  It was someone from Redbook Magazine.  A magazine!!!! They were calling because they were working on a piece and came across my Bling Mixer post and wanted to have it included in an article for their magazine. She asked if I’d mind. Mind???? UM no I wouldn’t mind!!

She said it would be in the April issue, and come out mid March.  Oh how I was so patient and didn’t really tell anyone about this.  I was worried that it might not happen.  But guess what.  I got a tag on Facebook from one of my fellow SoCal Lady BloggersMegan from Sunshine Wonderland – with a photo of the article. And then I went out and bought 2 copies for myself. I haven’t done an official post on Bling Diva Designs, but I wanted to post here cuz I’m so excited!!!!!



  1. says

    That is so amazing that they featured your work. And for the record, holy cow! How do you have the patience for something like that? You totally deserve the feature.

  2. Cathy Christina says

    Hi Melissa,

    I am curious what you charge for a blingged out mixer?

    Please let me know.

    Thank you

    Cathy Christina
    724 264-4200

    )I am in Orange County)

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