I’m back!

And I’m married!

No matter how many times you hear people say “make sure to take it all in!!” You just can’t. After the ceremony, DH took me around the corner of our venue and we had a few moments alone. It was mainly spent saying “oh my god, we’re married. WE’RE MARRIED!!”

Everything was fantastic – weather was perfect, loved my makeup & hair, dress and all accessories were perfect (and I remembered all of them!!) and it was the best day I could have ever dreamed up.

I’m waiting to post pictures till I get some back from our photog. She promised 3 weeks. She knows how anxious I get with those things ;o)

One funny thing that happened: For our sand ceremony, we had made a shadowbox, and had 3 vases – one pink (for me), blue (for jon) and white (representing our future lives and belief in God.) Well, our moms were supposed to pour just a smidge. Then during our part, DH and I would take our vases, and blend the colors together. Well, when it came time for our part, we turned and made our way to the table set up. I saw 2 empty vases and FREAKED out, I was worried something happened to the sand. Then I saw the shadowbox and it had all the pink and all the blue in it. I started laughing HYSTERICALLY. Then I was like “ok, we’ll just pour the white together.” We grab the vase, and I realized that they also closed back up the shadowbox. I started laughing all over again. Sadly, no one knew what I was laughing at.

My mom and I joked later on that she told MIL that I had back up sand and would just dump everything out and start over. I did think about that, then thought that the whole sand thing as is should be kept as something funny that happened that day.

And, back to the grind for us. I’m slacking on school. I’m in a budgeting class and it’s just totally boring. Most likely because I don’t understand any of it. I just keep thinking … 1 more month!…. then I’ll be done. I also decided to push back my comp exam as I realized 6 weeks was NOT enough time to study and prepare 3 essays for that day.

So while I won’t have my degree till next May, peace of mind is definitely worth something right now!!!


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