i love girlie days

Yesterday I went on the most absolutely girlie day you could possibly have with my friend Jen.  And, the best part, was while we were out, our husbands were having the manliest day with a 10 hour marathon of the Band of Brothers – the Pacific. Yes. 10 hours. All in one day. Wow.

So, for our girl’s day, we went to Sephora. I needed some new concealer.  Holy crap that place is intimidating!!  We spent the first few bits wandering around trying to get the eye of a sales girl (with good makeup on – believe me, there was some scariness there).  Finally we found this cute red head and I explained what I was looking for.  She immediately led me to this, and I fell in love.

It has tea tree oil in it, which apparently Australia has used for years as an antiseptic.  So, while it covers up the hideous zits I’ve been growing, it’ll also help to lessen the bacteria and hopefully make them go away. Yay!  {click the pic to go to the Sephora page}

I also wanted to get some sort of liquid foundation to use when going out somewhere. I use Physician’s Formula loose powder but it doesn’t give THAT much coverage {unless I put on like 3 coats} and won’t last the whole time.  So, again, she was awesome and recommended this

This is great because you can use it as a spot concealer too. And it’s not heavy. I love it!  {click the pic to go to the Sephora page}

I bought something else but I’m not in love with it because I can’t get it to work! It’s supposed to be a travel brush that you fill the base with your loose powder. And it locks and stuff. Well, I spent about 20 minutes trying to get the powder to come out to no avail. I’m going to probably return it. Unless mine’s just a dud. Cuz it’s awesome that it’s portable and refillable!

Oh, and I also bought this.

It’s tiny but can be used as a shadow or a blush. Jen said it reminded her of the Nars Orgasm blush.  {click the pic to go to the Sephora page}

Then, we made our way to Victoria’s secret. I had a coupon for a free panty and it’s been years since I’ve taken advantage of that.  They also had {in the promo pamphlet} an ad for the PINK $19.50 bras in bold colors.  So, I bought 2. I love them. I hate buying bras from there because of the price tag. But I figured $20 isn’t bad {and that same free panty card had $10 off the purchase. Not bad!}

From there, we went to get pedicures. I found this place online months ago, after another excursion with some girlfriends, but just never made it to go there.

The Painted Nail

The Painted Nail.  It’s on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks.  The place is so damn cute.  We got this amazing color on our toes and I cannot recall the name.  It’s by Nubar and it’s this bright purple glitter – but matte. I love it. I need to call to get the name! {click the pic to go to their page – photo from their website}

After that, we went to Sushi Dan’s for dinner, then back home to All Corked Up for some live music, and a good bottle of pinot noir.  And what night isn’t complete without some froyo!  I had a blast and it was definitely good to have such a distraction and happy time from everything that’s been going on lately.  I loved every minute of it.  And our guys did too. We came home and they were just about to start hour 10 so her and I tried our best to stay awake. We were so exhausted!

Jen thank you again! I had so much fun!!! We need to get all the girl’s to the Painted Nail stat!


  1. be11agirl says

    Okay seriously, this day is what I picture heaven to be like. How fun and thanks for the make-up recs…I want that tea tree oil concealer stat. And I think I might just make an appointment for the painted nail when I come down next…okay maybe I just want to relive this whole day…soo fun!

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