I Survived…And Got A New Do To Celebrate

Jon recently was gone for 2 weeks in Germany.  I was basically radio silent on social media about it all because, safety.  He headed out the first week in August and we both knew it would be difficult but holy cow, at times I couldn’t just even.

We had the CloudPets Kitty to help send messages to the kids.  Although we learned quickly Aubrey did not handle the bedtime messages well. So we switched to daytime only with it, and that helped a lot.  My mom said Luke would press the paw often while I was at work and Aubrey was at school. Aubrey seemed to handle things well.  But Luke. Luke was totally a curveball.

He has always been a Momma’s boy.  Jon knows Luke has much love for him, but when given a choice, it’s usually me he snuggles with, or runs to if he’s hurt.  So imagine my surprise when after the 3rd night, he began crying at bedtime for Daddy.  I couldn’t do much to help him, except tell him Daddy missed him, loved him, and would be coming home.  But every night it was an hour + of crying and my mom and I taking turns on trying to get him to go to sleep.

Some nights I really wished I could drink. Seriously y’all.

After about a week, the crying started to come in at naptime too.  So some naps would take an hour for him to go to sleep – and then bedtime crying. So.Many.Tears.

Eventually we were in the home stretch.  Every night the kids would mark off an X on the calendar and we would count how many days till the Smiley Face.  When we hit 3 I was literally jumping for joy.

I decided to surprise Jon and get an update to my hair.  I haven’t dyed my hair since last December (it was for my birthday, actually).  But figured surviving 2 weeks without him was cause for celebration.

So I called up a friend and we had some Thai food and she did my hair.  Man I missed highlights!   I got all dolled up for the trip to the airport to get him – curled my hair, did my nails, and put on makeup.  Aubrey came with me and we even waited for him at the international terminal.  She was SO happy to see him.  I was too, obviously.

When we were in the car, he was about to text my mom that we were on our way – but she called us instead.  Aubrey was very excited to tell Luke that we had picked up Daddy, and we were on our way home, and not to worry, and she just talked to him like a little Momma.  They really are adorable together.

Here’s the pics of my new do!

newhair_aug15 newhair_aug15b


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