I see you!

Today we were able to see our little girl once again!! She was measuring right on track at 22w3d, and weighing in at 1lb 3oz. She more than doubled her weight from the last time we went a month ago! Jon was able to come and thank goodness I had such an early appointment. No waiting!!

When the ultrasound started, she was sleeping (resting heartbeat of 133) but she quickl realized what was gongon and started moving all about. We saw her brain, the four chambers of her heart, her boney hands, feet – so cute! We also saw her umbilical cord! It’s amazing how detailed these can be.

And when the doc switched it to the 3D, he got the cutest picture of her. Check it out for yourself!


Can you see her nose and lips and everything?? Love!


  1. Katie says

    You’re only a little over halfway and she already looks so much like a full-grown baby – beautiful little face! And gaining weight like a champ, grow little Nacho!

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