I Love HomeGoods!!

First, this is not a sponsored post. Just chalk it up to a place I dig.

My mother-in-law has 3 favorite stores. One is HomeGoods.  My mom loves HomeGoods. I hadn’t been in one too much but at some point I went in, and fell in love.  It’s a huge treasure box that has nooks and crannies filled with fun kitchen gadgets, cheap wine glasses (great for parties to add a bit of class vs plastic cups!), awesome furniture (I will buy one of those awesome chairs they have in the back one day.), baby stuff, stationery, pretty much anything for the home.  When we saw the new townhome, I knew that we would be needing some new curtains to dress it up.  Living in a rental means we won’t have the opportunity to add an accent wall here or there in one of our favorite colors – teal.  Aubrey’s room wouldn’t have bold colors of apple green & brown and a kick-butt chair rail.  We needed to do our best to make the place our own, without a bunch of work to look forward to when we move out.

I hit up HomeGoods on a Friday afternoon and apparently that is THE place to be! It was so crowded! With our new place, we have an added 1/2 bath downstairs, so I decided to pick up some awesome chevron striped hand towels and a matching gray trash can.  PS – why are trash cans so expensive??? I also saw the clearance section for bath items. Which can be dangerous. And, this time, it was. I found a really cool, fun shower curtain and decided it might be time to toss the one I’ve had for 7 years and pick one that could make it a more fun kids’ bathroom.  Unfortunately HomeGoods didn’t have any good matching towels to include in there but I knew Target would (my next stop).  It was 10 bucks and it just jumped in my cart.

Next stop was curtains for Aubrey’s room.  I am still figuring out what to do for a joint nursery since the kids will be sharing awhile, so I wanted to pick something pretty neutral. There were 2 curtains that caught my eye, and wanted Jon’s input – so both went into the cart.  We’ll be re-using all the curtain rods we had in our home, so no need to spend a bunch on that.

I made one last quick trip around HomeGoods and really debated on buying Aubrey one of the mini chairs they have.  They’re kid-sized, upholstered, and usually have a really great bold pattern.  There was a hot pink with white polka dot chair, and also one that was white with hearts in light pink, hot pink, and green.  All were $49.99 but I’m just not sure if she’d like it. I know I would! But I guess I’ll have to maybe take her in person to try out.  Ya know, start her shopping habit off early 🙂

Off to Target I went. I love how they have an entire rainbow wall of bathroom accessories – towels, bath mats, and trashcans.  Here I found coordinating towels & trash cans for the kids’ bathroom. Best part, the trash can was only 10 bucks! I lugged all my goodies home, and couldn’t wait to set it all up.  And, now I can since we’re moved in and set up!


Love the Method soap in coordinating color from Target!


Trashcan is hidden but it looks exactly like the toothbrush holder with the aqua on the bottom and white on top. Also not pictured – the Method soap I bought to match the colors 🙂


As you can tell, I went with a very neutral, almost “wood” looking curtain for Aubrey’s room. But the windows are gargantuous! I am going to see if I can find another pack to do another panel in the middle. Don’t mind the blackout material poking out the bottom. I’m not a seamstress and so they will stay as is 🙂


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      Yes bedrooms are white but downstairs is a really dark beige that looks awesome with the white trim & hardwood laminate :). And yup! That’s the alphabet train!!! All aboard!!!

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    I can never figure out why garbage cans are so freaking expensive. I mean, they’re for GARBAGE. It makes no sense. Love the towels and that shower curtain. Super fun.

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