How to make more space

First you might think – Move. Move to a place where walk in closets are a staple in the master bedroom.

But no, we love our little place and the little closets that go with it. Our master closet is a fabulous 89″ wide, and has 1 garment pole. Our office closet is 81″ wide, and also one garment pole. Apparently whomever lived here before was a guy. With little clothing.

At our last place – half the size of this place, came with a closet that was AHHHH-MAZING. That guy created it with a girl in minde. Double garment poles that were 80″, plus a third taller one for longer garments. And behind that tall garment pole – 5 shelves. FIVE! It was a dream.

But this is our reality and we make the best of what we have. We went to Lowe’s and found {on clearance} Closetmaid’s 8-in-1 Closet Organizer. We bought it, and Saturday morning I set to work removing the garment pole and one shelf. Within 45 minutes, I had removed it, and realized that this little project got a whole lot larger….







We were both able to take out a huge amount of clothes in our guest closet and put them in ours. I decided to store the 2 shoe hanging things in our guest closet as they needed more space our main one provided. But, I’m really happy with all the work. Special thanks to my dad for helping find all the studs, and doing most of the painting! (I’m still learning how to do it properly)

We bought a 2nd one to use for our guest closet to make even MORE space. But we’ll save that for another weekend :o)

And my .02 of advice – if you can purchase a “kit” versus all the individual pieces – DO IT. Pricing out our “kit” would have cost almost 1 1/2 times the amount if we bought everything separate.


  1. be11agirl says

    Fantastic! Look at all the room you have now for all your clothes and shoes…man you might even have extra room… it might be time to hit the mall! 😉


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