How To Hide You Only Slept 3 Hours

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There’s a realization coming soon.  The realization that my already choppy sleep will be interrupted even more with the birth of our third baby in November. We’re preparing for baby now, and last week we bunked Aubrey and Luke together in her room to leave Luke’s old room for the baby.  The transition has gone better than I was worried about except for one thing. When one wakes up crying in the middle of the night – they both wake up.  Meh. Add that to the bathroom breaks in the middle of the night and each morning I look like I slept 3 hours.  Sometimes, it even looks like I pulled an all-nighter. On a trip to Albertsons (because they have the BEST chocolate chip cookies from their bakery!) I stopped by the makeup area. If you catch me on Instagram or YouTube, you know that I’ve become addicted to trying new makeup products.  I’ve tried a few L’Oreal mascaras and checked out what was new.  One of them stopped me dead in my tracks.  Because, Gold. How to hide you only slept 3 hours - L'Oreal Beauty How to hide you only slept 3 hours - L'Oreal Beauty L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes, Amazon Prime Because I love trying new things, I also stocked up on some other L’Oreal products to try out.  I have seen a few fellow YouTubers discuss their Lumi foundation and figured that anything to help brighten a tired face will be worth its weight in gold.  I’m happy to report, that all the items I purchased helped transform me from tired to rested (looking) in a few minutes! Crazy impressive right?  My favorite tip is to use one of the shadows as a highlighter (on corners of your eyes and on your cheekbones) to brighten everything up.  Here’s another look at the finished makeup. How to hide you only slept 3 hours - L'Oreal Beauty So while that’s a great face for day time, what about a coffee date with the girls?  I know that once this baby comes, most night adventures will be on hold until it’s a tad older.  You have to be creative with meeting up with friends and getting some conversation in (other than the texts to my husband about how the baby is sleeping – or not sleeping, kids fighting while he’s at school, or how many poopy diapers I cleaned up in one day). How to hide you only slept 3 hours - L'Oreal Beauty - Coffee Date Look Using the same makeup, I added more of the eye shadow in the lighter brown and also some of the darkest brown from the palette into the outer corners of my eyelids.  I kept the same lipgloss on, but did a loose dutch-braid to hide the I haven’t washed my hair in a few days hair.  Don’t worry, your girlfriends love you just the way you are, shower or not, but this makes you appear a bit more polished.  I added another coat of the Voluminous Million Lashes mascara and called it a day. On the rare occasions when I actually get a chance to go out on a date with Jon (whether it’s during the day or at night) I can build on the look and get some sassy back. How to hide you only slept 3 hours - L'Oreal Beauty - Date Night Look I added more of the Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner (because I do NOT trust myself with actual liquid eyeliner) more mascara, some contouring to my cheekbones and a lip liner under the lip gloss.  I’ve been using the lip liner during the day, as well, to give my lips a boost of color.  It’s pretty awesome guys! (Of course I have no photo. But it’s this one in Coral.) Now, you might be asking where am I storing all this makeup?  I found a great storage bag with numerous compartments to hold all my things.  One area for my primers & foundation (zippered to keep them separate), a brush area that holds them snug in place with a plastic flap-over to prevent the colors from getting on them, and then a huge bottom container for the rest of my stuff.  I used to have everything in about 4 different bags but that got pretty annoying pretty quick.   The leftover items I don’t use often so they’re stored in one makeup bag in my vanity cubby (along with the extra brushes I don’t use on the daily). How to hide you only slept 3 hours - L'Oreal Beauty What tricks do you have to make your face appear more awake than it really is?  And if you have any other beauty hacks, share them in the comments!         L’oreal Items (available on Amazon!)  


  1. says

    Yeah. When one wakes up…What a night. Sleep is over rated right?! Love the looks. Gonna play when I get a few minutes in the mirror. I’ve always been loyal to loreal mascara . Love love love.

  2. Samantha says

    STOP! You’re having another BABY!?!?! Congrats! And hello, hot momma of almost THREE! Love these makeup looks and the little tricks you have for looking like you slept a TON when you really didn’t 😉 Can’t wait to try it myself! And I don’t even have a baby as my excuse! #client

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