How To Entertain Kids at 9am

Not sure about you – but our kids have become early risers. Now. During the week – it doesn’t matter. I’m up anyways getting ready for work. But weekends? Well – Saturday’s? That’s rough. A holiday weekend? Rougher. A holiday weekend when everyone is on the upswing after a round of stomach flu? Roughest Ever.

That’s where we found ourselves Memorial Day weekend. Jon was actually out of the country and it was the last stretch before he returned home. I had thought ahead and made some great plans to keep the kids occupied. Their school ended and we had 3 days off before they started again.

On the last day of school, a Wednesday, Aubrey woke up with the bug. I had back to back appointments for Ryan so my mother-in-law and my mom took care of her. Thursday she was better. And at 5pm, I got it. It was bad. Friday morning – Luke got it. His was the mildest. And by the grace of God my mom and Ryan avoided it.

By Saturday, I was feeling better but super weak and tired. Aubrey was great and Luke was pretty good. I just couldn’t hang. All our plans were cancelled but we needed to entertain the kids.

My mom and I told the kids to get their swim suits on and I cut a new kitchen sponge in half.

I filled up their water table and told them to start cleaning their toys. Yup. Their toys.

They spent so much time cleaning their cars. They cleaned every nook and cranny. It was adorable.

After they finished their big cars, they moved on to the small toys. Then they enjoyed snacks outside and more washing. We might have created monsters. In a good way. They also cleaned our concrete patio and patio set. We had to stop them from using the sponges to clean our windows 🙂

So, if you need to entertain your kids, bring out a sponge and have them go to town. They also have a similar enthusiasm with a baby wipe and their toy trains.

What strange activities do your kids love to do?


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