How To Create Your Own Nursing Tank

Many many moons ago, after I had Aubrey, I realized how some things are just essential while nursing a baby.  At home, I mainly wore pjs and would just lift up my shirt, unhook my bra, and nurse her.  But as we ventured out of the house, I needed a better solution that was easy on the wallet since I didn’t know how long I would nurse her.


Let’s be real.  Whenever we start the breastfeeding journey with our newborns, we don’t know how long it will be.  There are so many things that can come up that halt it early.  Since this was my first, I didn’t know what to expect, and had a hard time shelling over lots of money on breastfeeding friendly clothing items.

One night, while nursing, I stumbled upon a blog post that had step by step instructions on how to make your own nursing tank. Now, disclaimer – this was NOT to just wear alone out in public.  This was specifically to wear under non-nursing tops that would keep your stomach/back area covered when you’d lift up your shirt to nurse.

I mentioned it to my mom (since I do not sew) and she said she’d make me a few.  Back then, I couldn’t find many of the exact tanks that were ideal for this.  The strap that would attach in the back needed to be cotton, as well as easily removable.  A lot of tanks at the time that I found were made of that shiny (almost elastic) material that wouldn’t hold up well once you cut & re-sew.

how to create your own nursing tank

After I finished nursing Luke, I threw away all my tanks.  That’s right, the ones we created lasted through both kids.  When I was shopping at Walmart for our 4th of July outfits, I saw that the basic tanks they sold (for under $2) were the ideal ones to create the nursing tank again for baby Dell #3. When I was stocking up on items for my post-delivery recovery, I grabbed a ton of tanks to make and wear underneath.

And then I created this quick step-by-step video outlining what you can do at home.  And even though I can’t sew to save my life, I CAN manage to do this one by myself!

Special thank you to Bravado for providing so many great nursing bras to me for Baby #3. I’ll be doing another post soon featuring 3 different styles (including my all-time hands-down favorite style, the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.

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