How The Stomach Flu Helped Luke’s Toddler Bed Transition

It seems like just yesterday I was getting the room ready for Luke’s arrival and working to transition Aubrey to her toddler bed.  Aubrey was younger than Luke is now, but she transitioned fairly well and used that guard rail to keep her in for a long time.  Even when we moved to the last rental and she had her own bed, it was still a comfort for her and she never climbed out or over it (although be certain she could very well master that).

When we moved into this house, she used the toddler bed for a few months, which really was not the best mattress for back pain, but good thing it was only while I prepped her twin bed (sand & paint) – which I still have never shown her bedroom. whoops.  We had her toddler bed in our room for a bit until I was finally ready to disassemble it.  We gave the mattress to a friend and I put all the pieces in the back of Luke’s closet for one day, when he was older & ready.  Well, here we are, getting ready for another baby, and we have to again play the bed shuffle.  This time it will also result in a shuffle of rooms as Aubrey & Luke will share Aubrey’s room for awhile and we’ll use Luke’s room as a nursery.

I wasn’t sure how it would go with Luke and I’ve realized how similar, but different, these 2 kids are.  Luke’s not easy to adjust to big changes so we set up the bed to introduce it in his room.  I bought him a Monster’s University sheet set that I got on clearance at Walmart (why is bedding SO EXPENSIVE??).  I realized that I only had 1 mattress this go around so I couldn’t just leave it set up next to his crib like I had with Aubrey.

I also couldn’t leave the toddler bed without a mattress since he immediately started climbing through the slats after he saw it.  So each morning for a few days, I’d pull out the mattress from the crib and put it on the toddler bed.  We loaded all his friends on it, and blankets, and my mom said he’d go in his room periodically to sit on it, and then come back out.  Every nap time we’d offer it up to sleep on, but he typically said no so I would put the mattress back in the crib for nap time.

After a few days I told him he should just sleep in the toddler bed for nap.  He obliged, and passed out pretty quickly.  His nap time was relatively the same length as in the crib – so that was awesome.

At bedtime that night, I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of him not going to sleep. So we put the mattress back in the crib and he slept there.  Then came the stomach flu.

When Luke had the flu, I didn’t want to clean puke up out of his crib slats.  Jon did it the time before and it was just so gross. So this time, we set up our twin air mattress on the floor for me to sleep on, and we had luke sleep in his toddler bed.  He was feeling so sick that he didn’t even care where he slept.  I think he enjoyed the slumber party though.

We were up almost every hour for a while until he finally passed out around 2:30 and stopped puking.  The next night I again slept in there to make sure he would do ok and not get sick.  He did fine.  The third night I decided to sleep in my own bed.  And woke up around 2am to a puke filled toddler bed.  So gross.  BUT I’m happy to report that a great thing that came out of the stomach flu was Luke transitioning 100% to the toddler bed.

Toddler Bed Transition - Round 2

There were some differences, of course, with the transition for Aubrey and Luke.  Aubrey was totally fine going to bed on her own.  She never got out of bed beyond the guard rail, and would fall asleep just as quickly as she had in the crib.  Luke, not so much.  He hated the guard rail and screamed every time I tried to put it on.  Luckily he has only fallen out of bed once.  This above photo was a random occurrence of him sleeping half on, half off the bed.

Another thing that we have difficulty with is him GOING to sleep.  Because I slept in his room the first few nights due to the flu, he then proceeded to ask me to lay with him for the next few days.  Only me though. If I wasn’t around (like when we went to Illinois), he never asked my mom to lay down.  He’s never asked Jon to lay down. Just me.  So lucky. LOL.  He also gets out of bed several times and would just wander to the hall.  To remedy that, I put a kiddie doorhandle thing on the inside of his door. So now, he just stands and knocks at the door until he realizes no one is coming because it’s time for bed.  In the mornings, he gets up, knocks, and says “Mommy – where are yoooou??”

The next step is combining rooms. I’m not really sure how that will go.  I’ve told Aubrey and she is excited.  Naps won’t be a problem during the week since she’s in school and he’s at home.  I’m worried for the weekends. He typically sleeps 3 or so hours, and she averages 1.5.  Will she wake him up and shorten his naps?  Will they keep each other up at night?

Many things to think about, but trying not to worry yet.


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    I just gave Walter a pillow last week, but I don’t have the heart to put the toddler rail on yet. I know once I let go of that crib, I probably won’t see one in my house again, and I’m already sad about it. 🙁

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