Hosting Mother’s Day Brunch {for under $50 dollars}




I took on the task of grabbing our Mother’s Day Brunch items from Whole Foods Market for under $50.  I know what you’re thinking – impossible!!! OR You’re just feeding Jon and you.  No, wrong! We’re having it at our house and we’re hosting my mom (of course!), my sister, and potentially her boyfriend, along with Aubrey and Luke (who, doesn’t really eat food yet. ha ha!).  So that’s 4-5 adults and a very hungry toddler.  And I mean that in the most loving way.

Luke was my co-pilot as we searched the aisles of Whole Foods to figure out what we should have.  Keeping our budget in mind, and what our family likes, I knew we had to have 3 components: Mimosas, Coffee, and Breakfast.  Mimosas can easily put you back the whole $50 budget if you’re not careful.  I went to that part of the store last.  First up was trying to find the breakfast star of the show.


I wanted to find something filling and first spotted these different pancake & waffle mixes.  There was a sweet potato style but I figured the family would not like that. Especially since Jon doesn’t like sweet potatoes.  There was a good assortment of mixes if I wanted to be adventurous. But, I didn’t want to go too far off our normal course so I purchased the 365 Organic Buttermilk mix you see in the bottom left corner. With this in mind, I decided what we’d have – homemade Waffles topped with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream. Yum, right?


But, with any shopping trip, I wandered. And I stumbled upon these boxes of mini waffles & French Toaster sticks.  I threw some of those in the cart as well. Doesn’t hurt to have variety, right? Each box was under $3.

I told Luke, Lukey, I really hope we have enough for champagne! There was a really helpful gentleman in that section and offered up 2 choices of prosecco.  One was dryer and more bubbly (great for mimosas, he said) and the other was a pinch sweeter, with less bubbles (great on its own, he said).  I went with the dryer, bubblier one since I need that prosecco to stretch for all the adults! I added in some fancy OJ and some Blood Orange Italian Soda for when the mimosas ran out.

And on my way to the register, I remembered the coffee. Thank goodness the huge coffee display is RIGHT THERE.  I threw a bag in and went up to check out.  My total was just shy of $48 for what you see in that first photo.  I can’t wait to cook up everything and toast to my mom! And, this just proves you can shop at Whole Foods without spending a ton of cash!


Thank you Whole Foods for treating us to Mother’s Day Brunch! 




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    I love that Whole Foods can be affordable. While living in NoCal I learned to shop there and make it work for our grocery budget, my goal was always to have enough for a treat at their food court hehe

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