Hospital Bag {what to bring}

It’s that time again – getting ready for Baby Luke’s arrival.  I’m writing this as of the 25th, so who knows, he might already be here by time you read this.  I had a doctor’s visit this morning and my doctor checked me, said I was 2-3cm dilated, and I better make sure I had my bag(s) packed. Lucky for him I did it the day before. Yay!  When I was pregnant with Aubrey, I really procrastinated on packing.  I wasn’t really sure what to bring, and I figured since I was home on maternity leave, I’d just do it whenever I went in to labor.  But I never did.  So when we had our appointment to get induced set, that’s when I packed my bag. I had A LOT of bags. I think I had one duffle bag, one back pack, and a tote bag.  And that didn’t count Jon’s bag.

I really had too much stuff, and now I’m better prepared for round #2 and this is what I have packed. It all fits in one duffle bag (minus my regular pillow that you don’t see pictured below.  I really hated the hospital pillows and am taking a twin one that will hopefully have me slightly more comfortable.


First, for Luke:



The Boppy was a godsend last time around.  It helped me during nursing sessions AND it became my BFF on the ride home.  I was slightly sore from childbirth (no one tells you that. But you will be).  I also have his outfit, and my iHome (similar) to play tunes during labor.


For me:


I brought a lot of clothes last time.  I was in the hospital gown most of the time, but by the 2nd day I was ready for some clothes.  I figured I’ll still want “something” but decided a good set of pjs will do me good.  It’s always chilly at the hospital so I’m bringing some flannel bottoms, a nursing tank for easy access, and a plain white T to throw over for anyone who comes by and I want to be a bit more “presentable.”  I have a regular nursing bra for during the day and a sleep one at night.  But honestly, the Basics nursing bra from Target (sister brand of Bravado – which I highly love and have 2 of) is so comfy I might just sleep in that too.

Nursing cover is optional. A lot of women have no problem nursing in front of friends or family – but I’m not one of them. I feel uncomfortable so I’m packing this.  Also the iPad is a great time waster for labor (I live blogged the whole time with Aubrey up until I was fully dilated) but I’m only bringing my small Canon point & shoot.  I brought my DSLR last time – which was great, except no one really knows how to work it and since my lens is a bit tweaked and won’t auto focus, not worth the hassle.


For my lady bits:


Breastfeeding is/can/might be hard.  I did ok the first day with Aubrey, but then it slowly went downhill. By time I left the hospital, my nipples were DYING and it was extremely painful to nurse.  I would cry almost every time she latched on.  A friend told me about the Medela Nipple Shields and you couldn’t get me to the store fast enough.  This time I am bringing it with me along with the Medela lanolin cream to make sure I give proper attention to the girls.  I’m also bringing my nursing pads – my Bamboobies from last time (the hearts) and also a new one from Epibi  that I received for free in exchange for a review.  I dislike the paper nursing pads.

Speaking of pads – yes the hospital has some for you. But they’re also about 4inches thick, which do not make for pleasant fun when you’re sore from pushing a child out of your … ya know. I used the thin Always pads last time and they were a lot more comfy and worked just fine.

For the extras:


I have two bags of fun items.  This first includes hair accessories (Headbands, rubber band, bobby pins, hair tie) and nail items (nail polish, clippers, nail file, qtips).  I was in labor for awhile with Aubrey.  I’m not sure if I’ll have the same option this time around, but it’ll be the first time I can designate a good chunk of time to painting my nails and having them dry (fingernails. not my toes. planning on a pedicure soon).  I brought a tiffany blue and baby blue color to choose from – I think tiffany blue might be my pic!

makeupMakeup.  Every girl needs it, but you don’t need a ton.  I pieced together this bag of duplicates that I had.  It’s a natural look and I’m ok with that.  I received the Logona mascara, concealor & foundation while attending the #LALLBLOG13 conference earlier this year and the Chella brightener in my latest Ipsy bag.  The 2 shadows from Urban Decay are Naked and Sin and the blush is from Arbonne (Sunset).

Not pictured are 2 things – my going home outfit (this black dress I’ve worn in all my photos) and my pillow.  I won’t be showering there, so don’t need toiletries except my toothbrush & toothpaste, and won’t really need a hair brush.  I have 10 fingers that can handle that just fine.


So for those of you who have packed a bag  before – did you overpack the first time? Did you do less the second? Leave a comment and share your wisdom!


** I should mention, I only anticipate being at the hospital for 36 hours at most.  If something occurs and I have to stay longer, our house is about 25 minutes away for Jon to retrieve more items for me (such as another PJ set).  I also did not pack slippers since last time I wore the hospital issued anti-slip socks the whole time. **


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  1. says

    love this post! Wish i had it when my boy was born back in April! I found that I wayyyy over packed! I didn’t use half the stuff I brought. I also, didn’t pack ahead of time. I figured he’d be late…but he showed up on his due date! i hope you’r little boy comes on time 🙂

  2. Zubeida says

    I totally overpacked the first time! This time I’ve been more strategic and only packed what I need. I’m going to look into the nipple shield as I had a hard time when breastfeeding my son too.

  3. says

    I am agree with Zubeida. I have seen people doing the same. They pack too much in nervousness. There is no need of packing the bulky stuff. This blog is certainly helpful in this case.

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