Honeymoon! Part 1

Well, for my bday, DH got me a new camera. And, with the move and everything, today’s the first day I’ve had to upload pics. My bday party thing was over a month ago. I had 563 pics/videos to upload. Luckily the memory card was 4 gigs so I had plenty of space.

DH and I left for our HM on a redeye, non-stop flight on Air Jamaica. It was 30 minutes late because 15 people were missing. We thought there was some connecting flight we were waiting for. Until we say 5 people wander in with bags of McDonalds. I don’t think they had any concept of time.

Anyways. The flight was ok. I tried to sleep, but everyone knows how that goes. We arrived around 7am EST and after going through customs, we were escorted off to the Sandals lounge….which had beer on tap. DH was THRILLED. When we got to the resort, we were taken to the concierge service, received the cell phone to call our butler, and changed into more appropriate clothing (flip flops, tank, and skirt for me. 80 degrees there!!!). We hung out on the beach and took a nap under an umbrella. We were then awakened by the butler, letting us know she upgraded our room (sweet!) and had the premium bar inside.

Our friends made us pose!!

Jamaica in sight!
loved the viewOur upgraded bathroom (but no door on the shower. made for cold showers!!!)

Loved the turquoise walls and dark wood furniture!

We drank quite a bit :o)

View from our back porch

Loved the flowers

First night


  1. mrs.csunsweetie says

    Ha ha ha Matt.

    Yes Aileen, loved it! We did one excursion and I have a video from it. I’m gonna work on updating more tonight.

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