Hollywood Wax Museum {review}

I’ve lived in Southern California my enter life. I’ve lived within 30 minutes of Los Angeles since I was born. But I feel as if the more folks I talk to, the more I discover we take the things around us for granted. When family visits, we pack up in the car, face the traffic, and hit up the tourist attractions. But when you’re just living day to day, you forget to act like a tourist and explore city. But not today!

Jon and I (and Luke!) had the opportunity to go on a date and act like a tourist. We dropped Aubrey off, and headed down to LA. For one of the few times in my life, NO TRAFFIC! I suppose that’s the perk of heading out in the morning. It was a beautiful day and we were able to park right around the corner from the museum. And I have for you, my 5 tips for surviving the Hollywood Wax Museum 🙂


1. Bring Your Camera

Yes I know this might be obvious, but I actually forgot my regular point and shoot.  I’m always leery about using my iPhone because you never know the conditions and don’t want blurry or dark looking photos to commemorate your visits with the celebrities! So pack your camera, and make sure the battery is charged!  But using your iPhone is completely awesome and also allows you to Instagram & Tweet your pics with the celebs!


This photo took us 3 tries before figuring the lighting out with my phone.



This pic is slightly dark in some areas but I bet it would have been better with my regular camera!


The Ninja Turtle exhibit was dark.  Poor Luke has borderline crazy eyes with my iPhone flash!

2. Bring Your Personality

Because, let’s face it, you’re posing with wax.  Wax has no personality.  So you must compensate.  And there are also a few folks on a set and it’s fun to pose with them 🙂


Iced Toffee Nut Latte Nacho Libre???


One Jon’s favorite movies. He’s practicing the art of listening intently. And so is Forrest

3. Don’t Get Scared.

Remember, they’re wax. They are not real.  At this time, they have a corridor of famous characters from horror movies.  And some make a lot of noise. I have to remember this point next time.


4. Don’t Be Shy

The Celebrities are there for you to have fun with & pose with.  A lot of time went in to creating each one.  There is also a great video about half way through the tour that shows how the heads are made. And spoiler alert – each hair is placed individually. Wowie!!!!


Jon & Luke Wayne, with John Wayne. Get it???


Jon said I HAD to pose like this.  I got a lot of comments on Instagram because of it 🙂

5. Be Critical

We all do it.  It’s ok.  Jon pointed out that one of the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s were too tall, but the other one was much better.  I felt like this Leo looked more like Matt Damon.  Maybe it was the clothes?  I wondered if Reese Witherspoon was as short as they made her.  I think that’s half the fun – since most of us have not met these celebrities in real life.

We had a great time and the museum was perfect length for a family with kids.  There was plenty to look at, but doesn’t require a large chunk of time that would have children melting down all over the place.  Family fun is guaranteed to be had by all if you follow my steps! And now, for some details.

The Hollywood Wax Museum opened in 1965 and is planning a special celebration for it’s 50th Anniversary in 2015!

The Neon Sign (first photo in this post) has 17 stars to represent the children & grandchildren of the creator

At the end of the tour, there’s a touch screen to answer questions and also vote for the celebrity you would like to see them create in the near future.

So if you’re in the Hollywood area, or planning a trip, make sure you come and visit The Hollywood Wax Museum!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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