Hollyrod Autism event at Georgetown Cupcake {Los Angeles}

I went on an adventure last week, and by adventure I mean braving the LA traffic scene with an almost 4 year old and 18 month old in the car. The 4 year old is my little sister, Nina, and her mom (my step-mom) Beth, had been invited to this event hosted by Hollyrod (Holly Robinson-Peete’s charity with her husband, Rodney). Beth, you might recognize, from this photo:

Beth Hall - Caroline Mad Men

Beth Hall - Caroline Mad Men with John Slattery (Roger Sterling)

 Ok so does she look familiar??? Where are my Mad Men lovers at? Follow her on Twitter!  Anyways, when she emailed me about it, she was asking if one of my Bling Mixers was in the LA store of Georgetown Cupcake. So I said, yes, and I WANNA GO! So, after some calls, we (Aubrey and I) were on the list. (and there really was a list at the front door. Felt so cool. Ha ha)

So we battled the LA traffic and got lost, but then found, Georgetown Cupcake.

Hollyrod Autism event at Georgetown Cupcake {Los Angeles} 1


Once you entered, to the left was wine from Cupcake Vineyards, cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake, trunk show from Stella & Dot, and Holly herself – all dressed up and gorgeous.  To the right was a few tables with chairs, a step & repeat, and bathrooms. I, of course, made a beeline to that first because pregnancy & long car rides don’t mix.  I missed Beth getting her photos taken but with the magic of the internet, it’s like I was RIGHT THERE.



images from zimbio


Cute, right? Even Nina wore sparkle shoes to match the Bling Mixer! Ok, maybe not but it works. Go with it 😉

There was a cupcake decorating section in the kitchen area, and Nina was brought back there. Aubrey was a bit too small for it but we went to another spot…

Hollyrod Autism event at Georgetown Cupcake {Los Angeles} 2

 She doesn’t look thrilled, but she was having a good time. Oh and look, it’s my bellah!

After sharing a mini cupcake (Spice, I believe?) we went over to get a few shots of Aubrey…

Hollyrod Autism event at Georgetown Cupcake {Los Angeles} 3

 Here she is simultaneously waving to some ladies sitting at the table, while waving at me.

Hollyrod Autism event at Georgetown Cupcake {Los Angeles} 4

 They were telling her look at your mommy, wave to your mommy in which she started pointing before running to me.

Hollyrod Autism event at Georgetown Cupcake {Los Angeles} 5

But hey, at least she knew where she was!

We headed out shortly after, and battled more traffic on the way back. Didn’t make it home till way after our usual dinner time, and I’m grateful I had the forethought to bring a granola bar for her.  It was great seeing the mixer in person and I hope the event was a success for Hollyrod!


  1. says

    Your step-mom is Caroline?! That’s awesome!! I loved her scene in the second episode when she had to tell Roger his mom died. Her chugging the vodka and then sobbing on him cracked me up. I love the one liners she’s had with him over the years too.

    Holly and Rodney Peete are awesome people! He is a former QB for the Philadelphia Eagles so I feel like they’re hometown people. 🙂

  2. Cousin Cyndi says

    I’m so glad you finally got on their “list” & got a pic with your babies (all 3 – 1 in da bellah, 1 in your arms & 1 on that shelf = gorgeous diamond Bling Mixer!!!). Congrats. You’re a Celebrity too to our entire family! xoxo

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