Holiday Spirit!

The hubby and I got the holiday spirit started last Friday when we went to see The Grinch at the Pantages Theater in LA. It was, in a way, his holiday work party.

The hubs had never ridden the Metro before, so we decided to park in NoHo and take the Red Line in. Well, I always trust my iPhone to get me to the right spot, but last Friday was NOT one of those nights. But, we learned later on, that the restaurant we were to meet everyone at, had actually 2 addresses listed both on their website, and the “older” one was what popped up in my phone.

So, we got off the metro a bit early and ended up walking .9 miles. Oops. My feet BURNED. It wasn’t the best part of the night, but after a few beers at Blue House Brewhouse, we went and saw the show!

I loved it. I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. The costumes were so colorful, and fun, and the hairdos were awesome! The grandpa had pink tips to his white hair!!! We had great seats and I’ve never sat so close before. The Grinch was amazing and there was a little girl behind us who really loved it too. We kept hearing her ask her mommy why he was sad, and where the little girl went (when they left the stage) and my favorite was when Lucy Who and the Grinch were talking and she’s like “where’s her mommy??” So cute.

So, if you can see it, SEE IT! It’s a great way to start off the hollywood season. And if you take the Metro – get off at Hollywood/Vine and the Brewhouse is attached to this other smaller movie theater-ish 2 blocks down and across the street from the Pantages. They have AWESOME happy hour prices and a lot of beer to choose from. Their pumpkin beer was great. Not sweet, but nice and spicy.



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