Hidden Gems

Remember when I told you about our latest decision to put our place up for sale? Well since we made that decision we had nightly tasks to handle some of the extra items we’ve been accumulating over the years.  And, on Instagram (@melissa_dell – oh and I made my page private to get around their latest Terms of Service so just add me).  I started posting photos of all the hidden gems I’ve uncovered, because, I forgot about them. Oops.


Hidden Gems - @melissa_dell 1


This was the start of me going through my nightstand.  When we started working on Aubrey’s nursery, Jon and I had moved our room around, and the nightstand I had was no longer being used.  But I never actually went through it. Oops. Out of sight out of mind? Here’s some gems I found.

Hidden Gems - @melissa_dell 2


Jon and I have VERY DIFFERENT tastes in music. His is more 1970s and mine is more today.  So back when it was cool to make your own cds, Jon made this one for his car. I think we also used it on our roadtrip to San Francisco. Wasn’t he sweet? I do love the title he gave it. LOL.

Hidden Gems - @melissa_dell 3


Another photo that received a ton of response, likes, and comments of “us too” was this one.  This was back when I was charting my cycle when trying to conceive.  It took us about 9 months before I got our  first positive pregnancy test, only to have a miscarriage result. After that I got back on the charting bandwagon. I stopped the month we conceived Aubrey.  I can’t remember how many pages this was, but it was definitely more than a year’s worth of charting.  So funny to think this go around we needed nothing. 🙂

Hidden Gems - @melissa_dell 4


This card was from our 3rd anniversary – 4 days after we had Aubrey. I would like to think our lack of sleep helped his creativeness of comparing our marriage to a leased car. Glad he’d go for the purchase vs the trade-in!

Hidden Gems - @melissa_dell 5


About a year into our dating (maybe 2?) we went on a 7 day cruise to Mexico with about 10 other awesome people.  Who could have known based on this I was in bed by about 9pm every night because of motion sickness?

Hidden Gems - @melissa_dell 6


This collection of envelopes was given to me pretty early into our relationship.  Also shows Jon is a huge romantic.  He went on a 7 day surfing trip to Costa Rica with his Aunt & Uncle and had pre-written me notes to open & read each day.  It’s funny because the letters, as time went on, were written telling about the adventures he had. Even though he wrote them beforehand.  At the same time as he was gone, I had been reading PS I Love You, and well, that was a huge tearjerker and I was regretting reading that at the time he was gone, and also at the time I’m reading these letters.


When you’ve packed up and cleaned out some old drawers, what kind of hidden gems did you find? I had a great time going down memory lane. Even if it wasn’t that long ago – some I had forgotten about 🙂


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    I love the title of that CD. So funny. And so sweet of him to try to enjoy (or at least put up with) your music. Joel is the same way. We don’t really share the same taste in music for the most part but he’s really good about taking turns as to what plays on the radio. Probably better than I am. Oops.

  2. says

    So much romance!!!!!!!

    Thankfully my husband and I met through music (on a group’s message board haha) – I don’t know how much I would like him if he liked sucky music 😉 (I bet he says the same about me but he did buy me a Mariah Carey cd once)

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