Help Me Choose {phillip lim 3.1 for target}

I have never been known to jump on the Target collaborations with Designers.  Mostly because I like to sleep and don’t want to wake up extra early to battle lines.  I had seen the buzz around the latest collaboration through Twitter and a friend told me that the bag I had commented on was from the same designer (and she said it was a huge splurge and I should definitely not do that).  So when Target had posted a photo on Instagram with the bags, I was really excited to see the price & maybe purchase one.

On Sunday, when it launched, I was up feeding Luke around 5:30 am.  I went into my Target App, while cozy, and added 2 bags to my cart and checked out.  Oh and I also posted on Instagram…

I posted “Thank you, @Target app, for satisfying my shopping addiction while cozy in bed nursing my baby 🙂 Can’t wait to check them out! #philliplimfortarget”

And check out the comment back FROM Target “It’s always a win when both Mom and baby get what they want”  – totally cool.

So I waited anxiously for the bags and they FINALLY arrived monday night, during dinner.  I opened them up as soon as I was done and asked Jon which he liked better.  Well, his first comment was the top carry-all satchel reminded him of a football because of the color, the shape, and the stitching on the front. Awesome.  He liked the taupe one because he says it’s a big smaller, and doesn’t look like a piece of luggage.

Interwebz, I turn to you – I need help. I like both bags. I don’t know which I love. I don’t know which to keep. And before you say you’ll take the other – it’s already been promised to my friend, Desiree.  I told her I’d add that in this post 🙂  Sooo, which do you think?

I had high hopes for the carry-all satchel but it does seem really large.  The tote one seems too weird to use as a crossbody.  I don’t know if my MK hampton is too similar in shape.  I don’t know what I want. Do I keep searching for a bag? Sell both these off? What say you?

** Oh and I should add what I think about the bags – I know these are not leather, but I must say the faux leather quality is pretty good.  I don’t know how they would appear side by side with a Phillip Lim original in leather, but I think, overall, these are pretty great! The taupe is very structured while the carry-all is more relaxed with the softness of the faux leather.


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    I vote to keep the smaller taupe bag! Still kicking myself for not going to Target on opening day. Next time I’ll buy online like you did when they have a big designer collaboration.

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    Of the two, I’d keep the taupe! For me, I’m returning my taupe tote. It’s just too big and boxy for me. It’s a very nice business tote, but … I’m not really feeling it.

    I bought the little black top handle cross-body too, and I’m on the fence on that one too! :\

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    I’m loving the reddish one! Of course I need another bag like a hole in my head- why I stayed away from Target for a few days. Of course, I now own the BOOM sweatshirt

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