Hello 2nd trimester

Well folks, we’ve just entered the 2nd trimester!  Such an amazing accomplishment! I have another ultrasound appt on Thursday, and Jenn is coming with me.  She will be in charge of recording the video for it on my iPhone since Jon can’t make it.  Jon said I’m allowed to ask if they’ll be able to predict gender since our doc has those fancy schmancy 3D machines.  A girl can hope right? So if you haven’t yet, get in your prediction on gender!!

And once we figure that out, we can put up a new questionnaire – guess the due date & time! Closest person will get something, promise!  It’s on the interwebs now so I have to follow through 🙂

I’m still taking that medication to help with the nausea. It’s so amazing to actually be able to eat! Although whenever the topic of dinner comes up, you’ll usually get an “i dunno” from me. That’s how I roll!

So check out this week’s belly pic. I’m starting to feel more of the pooch (pouch?) look going on. It’s funny, I keep making plans for later in the summer, completely forgetting that I’m just going to continue to grow.  And so I use the pregnancy calendar to figure out how big I’d be at that time.  I have a wedding in early June, a fun fam day at the OC Fair mid July, another wedding late July, and I just think by then I’ll be well into my waddling part of the pregnancy. LOL.  Yes, I almost guarantee I’ll be a waddler!


  1. mia says

    I love love love this post! Yay for second trimester! Congratulations! And I can’t wait to see what you’re going to look like in July…waddling and everything! Woo woo!

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