Heading to BlogHer

I’m just a few short weeks from heading to BlogHer – a huge convention that ventures to different cities each year – attended by women (primarily although I hear there are a few guys that go) where you meet all the women you read about online.  You also can attend sessions hosted by different speakers on different subjects to improve your brand, your blog, your presence.  Last year, it was in San Diego. You don’t know how badly I’m kicking myself for not learning about it earlier. I had heard OF it but just wasn’t paying attention.  I could have saved so much money if I drove vs fly! Well, only about $200 so not that much (big picture!).

I knew I wanted to go. I told Jon. I said I need to go! He said I could, if I really wanted to, but I couldn’t go alone. So, I had to think which of my friends would be crazy enough to travel across the country to go meet hundreds (thousands??) of strangers.  Enter Maria. Hee hee. I didn’t have to convince her too much, and while originally it was so far away (we started talking about it last August, for the trip THIS August) and now we’re less than a month. Oh my!!

Am I ready? Sort of. I printed out all the sessions, marked which ones I wanted to go to. I have a few that overlap so I need to decide.  I don’t have any outfits planned, our shopping spree before wasn’t TOO successful and I need more tops.  I need to finish designing my business cards so I can get those printed. I need to figure out which technology gadgets I want to bring (Laptop? iPad? Both?) and figure out where I will store all the business cards I get.
I also have to make sure I have everything wrapped up for Aubrey. I have plenty of pumped milk frozen for her, but I still worry it won’t be enough. I KNOW it is. Jon is great with her and he’ll be a great daddy while I’m gone. And you best believe we’ll have a skype session here and there. I can’t leave her for one minute because she’s going to grow up on me! Today she popped her first tooth and started saying Bye (loud & clear. Not shy and timid like she did before).  When I come back she might be riding a bike. Who knows.

I don’t have any sponsors for this event, no cool things to show off. Just me and my awesome friend Maria. Can’t wait to go and learn and come back and become more awesome. ha ha ha.


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    I can’t believe it’s almost time! I’m just as excited!

    I left Sophia when she was about Aubrey’s age. You’ll be fine, she’ll be fine (and well fed) and she’ll definitely look different when you come back.

    I hope we get a chance to meet face-to-face while we’re there.

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