Heading Back…

When this blog was first created, back in March of 2008, I had sort of touched base on my love for blogging. Part of the reason I loved it was due to the fact that I have a need to write. But journaling is tough. I have one in a drawer (actually, who knows where it is now) that I started and stopped about 6 times….I’d suffer from hand cramps! But the internet – typing in general – is easy! I can type forever and not break a sweat.

But what’s this post about? Well, lately I’ve tried to think of new things to do. You see, for the past year and a half I’ve met so many interesting people that have helped me so much with my endeavors {cough, cough} and I wanted to show love to many others who started their own businesses and such. I still have one “feature friday” on a friend who has his own fitness business – but more pertinent to some of my readers is that he’s launching Bridal Bootcamp…but I have to wait a bit for his site to be updated.

But I want to go back to more of what interested me – and what I love about other people’s blogs – seeing a glimpse of their life. Not too much, but just enough to give me great ideas and things to ponder about.

For example, I have a few friends that are expecting babies, and I’ve also been surrounded by new babies… I have 2 adorable nephews that are almost 6 weeks old. Twins! You might remember them from {here}. But what you DON’T know is that the day before they were born, my dad called me that he and my step-mom also had their own new addition.

Talk about a shock! Even though I’m almost 28, I still reverted back to being a little girl, with little girl selfish tendencies…but with a little help from my friends and fam, I realized the greater good. This little baby girl was the product of a Meth Mom and thank GOD she had her at a hospital and did a “safe surrender” so she might have the chance to grow up and be a normal kid with a lot of opportunities. I know my dad and step mom are two that can provide that.

But still – takes some getting used to! Here’s Nina – with her adorable Mary Jane socks on!

Each time I go down there, we try to get a few pics with my DSLR, but she’s usually sleeping. Last week, she was too busy wanting to eat. I’m hoping that eventually I get some good shots!!

So, I’m reverting back to some of my old posts with writing more about what’s going on, instead of trying to find something to write about. Feel free to peruse through some of my old posts to see what I’m talking about.

Also – do you love the new blog layout? I do!


  1. says

    Great new layout and right on about the blogging – write about whatever you want, it is your space and I don’t think anyone ever really knows what their blog will be when they first start out. You grow as a writer and a blogger and your site grows with you, always evolving. I look forward to reading more!

  2. be11agirl says

    I love the idea of heading back… back to basics… back to the reasons you originally started posting. I’m excited to get a little glimpse of what is going on in your life! 🙂

    Nina is just precious! What a happy beginning to the rest of her life!!


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